Radio Noisz Ensemble - Yniverse
(Garden Of Delights) Catalog no: CD148

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Radio Noisz Ensamble formed in Germany in 1982 out of the ashes of the 1970’s German folk band Emma Myldenberger when they split. Unlike Emma Myldenberger, Radio Noisz Ensemble have taken things up where Emma Myldenberger left off, as they indulge in the same style instrumental ethnic medieval Eastern sounds, as three of the members of Radio Noisz Ensemble were members of Emma Myldenberger. The album encompasses an array of instruments, all played with the mastery of a true folk musician, to create a sound that brings a menagerie of cultural flavours out in the music. It has folk or traditional instruments at its heart, the majority of which are acoustic in nature, and it courts with the sounds of Arabia and India with medieval Europe, as if it was natural to do so. It is pure fusion and it will appeal to a host of different tastes in the folk world, yet in reality is could be termed as world music, as it is an amalgamation of many cultures music. It is a totally instrumental journey with Oboe being the main melodic instrument and Tabla being the main rhythmic instrument. Crum Horn and Chinese Flute occasionally take over the melodic duties, and in doing so change the flavour of the music from East to West in an instant. It is very jazzy and almost classical throughout and the accompanying booklet suggests that their sound is in the ethic of the following bands, Between, The Third Ear Band, Embryo, Stephen Micus, Clivage, Artuala, and Eastern music in general, so there you have it. Well worth a listen if you are into world music with an Arabic sound.

Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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