Sula Bassana - The Night
(Sulatron Records st0901)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Dave Schmidt is back with his first full length Sula Bassana record in some years and what a great space rock record he has made. Dave plays all the instruments and even sings. Stefan Koglek (Colour Haze) provides the vocals on the title track part 2. I also love the artwork on this cool digipack. Not sure if this will come out on vinyl but I sure hope so as it has a really nice sound and great songs and is totally different from Sula’s other psychedelic music. The CD starts off with the spacey In Space track. This is a perfect track to start the vibe. Sula plays some really cool synths but the track is built on the bass line and melodic almost Spanish like guitar. Next up is Lost in Space which would sound awesome on a huge sound system at a festival, with it’s trance techno like vibe and Indian music vibe, which heads into a section that sounds just like Seid. Great song. The Night is next and this 16 minute track is split into 4 parts (on the artwork but not on the CD itself), and Stefan from Colour Haze sings the vocal in Part 2. It starts very mysterious and spacey and then, it changes into a melodic happy song sung by Stefan. Dave plays a very beautiful guitar solo on this track. You can really feel the Pink Floyd vibe at times as well. Part 3 is pretty intense and then part 4 it becomes very laid back and spacey again and features Dave’s beautiful guitar playing. Meteorritt is lead by a very repetitive bass line over which Dave plays some really nice guitar, more or less through the whole track. Nice solo, Dave. Kosmokrator is 16 minutes long and ends this great CD. It is an uptempo piece with some really cool guitar, electronics and a vocal by Dave. This reminds me of a less intense Farflung at times. Great song and great space rock record.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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