Sun - "S.U.N."
(Garden of Delights 2008)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

SUN was from Hettenleidlheim Germany and this album was originally released in 1980. OHNE TITTE opens with a flushed toilet, tha's a good sign?! Lo-fi funk rock...Oh no, not another one!?!?!? It's quite a bit more energetic uptempo and raw than the Joy Unlimited CD. Some pretty kickass lead guitar by Harry Muller and/or Gunter Hubner?! Hey, this is getting much better very the bass solo...back to the drums......THE JESTER kind of a Pink Panther the Jester is singing in the Court, it's very funny? SEEING SIMILAUN funky droney crazy sax, pleasant...pretty rockin' vocals.....ON HOLIDAY more dorky funk, almost New Wave. A Zappa sounding vocal and riff, then becomes jazz fusion?! UND EWIG HEULEN DIE GITARREN soft quiet jazz rock, very nice......NEULICH IN SPANIEN more jazz fusion rock with prog elements, Spanish guitar with a prog rock beat! The margarita pool party! WOMEN'S LIB BLUES a crazy jazz Zappa intro, it's rockin' and wacky! Some manic the Zany Zappa-esque vocals! It's very crazy!?! Cartoon music!!? TO CELIA hey, this is startin' to seem more experimental, avant garde?! Intense Prog, nice vocals, some nice over the top the flute.....COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN no, not the Zep song, it's definitely a SUN tune! Zany Zappa riffage...wacky vocals! SLAVE OF HEAVEN the second 1978 track on this cd, uptempo prog/mathrock, more wacky vocals that don't really add. Now the big bass riffage and kickass guitar..."what is the difference between you and someone else?" BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY from 1994, it's baaaahhhd! Conjurs up Spinal Tap, sorry guys I just don't want the wool pulled over my eyes!?!? MORNING DREAM prolly better they should let these tracks be?!? Adding vocals in 1994 wasn't the best idea...........I'm sure there's plenty of Prog Rock fans who think this is great but...

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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