The Warlocks - The Mirror Explodes
(Tee Pee Records TPE- 097)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This is the bands fifth record and the first that I have heard. The band has played in Denmark a few times but I have never seen them. The CD begins with the slow stoned, building psychedelic track called Red Camera. A really fantastic track and they have a video on both their web pages. The Midnight Sun has a different sound with a spacey, noise guitar that cuts through the melodic drifting tune. Slowly Disappearing reminds me a bit of Bardo Pond mixed with Windy and Carl and is quite a psychedelic track. There is a formula to your Despair drifts quite nicely out of the last track and is a very laid back spacey stoned blues like number. A bit post rocky as well. Standing between the lovers of Hell brings a more hypnotic building track with a really psyched out guitar like you might hear on the old On Trial records. A slow stoned guitar solo (first on the record) really takes the track to a different world. This is my favourite track on the record so far, although I like the first one a lot. You make me Wait is another slow track, in fact all the tracks on this record are slow, and quite stoned drug music. Frequency Meltdown begins with some looping psych guitar as the track slowly builds up into a wall of psychedelic sound. Spacemen 3 like at times. Static Eyes ends this CD in a slow drifting spacey way as it builds up in intensity and ends. A pretty cool band that has a unique feel and drone to them.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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