Toner Low, Bodies, Death Rides a Horse - Lædes Kælder, københavn 5/20/09

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This is the second time in a little over a month I have been back to Lades. A lot of cool bands from all over the world come and play at this little rock dungeon. It has been two years since Toner Low were in Denmark and they have released a new double LP as well. I showed up around 9:30 and there were some folks around and I had a nice chat with the guitarist, Daan. The whole band are very cool down to earth people. The show started late with Death Rides a Horse starting at 10:30 or so on this Wednesday night. They are a 4 piece metal band with a female bass player who also sings. The regular sound person was not there so basically they had to struggle with the sound and the vocal was too low the whole set. She reminded me of a less intense version of Kate French of Chastain. This was pretty ok stuff from this young band. Some nice trading lead guitars (both quite competent) and some good heavy riffs. A mix of 80’s metal and a bit of Mastadon, the Sword type riffing as well. Jens said they reminded him of Helstar at times, a band these young kids have never heard, I guess. Not bad..

Death rides a Horse Bodies Bass Player

Next up was Bodies, a new Danish band. They played a very short, intense 25 minute set. I was not sure what to think. They more or less just blasted your head off like a less complex Voivod or something. I was not really in the right frame of mind for this I guess. Anyway, the band are a three piece and the bass player does the lead vocals but the guitarist also does some backing vocals. Drummer, he just pounds the damn drums. Intense band. It will be interesting to see how they develop and grow.

Set List: Dead Kings, Black Mound, Daughter of the Sun, Evole/Regress, Grail of Bone, Legacy of Wolves

Toner low changed out the whole set and put up a backdrop for their projector and their sample, sound effects guy he was set up back by the sound board. They started around 01:00, I think and would play an hour. We got to hear two of the tracks from the new record and they both sounded great. Damn, this was fucking loud and intense stuff. There is no real good way to describe this band, you have to be there and feel the sheer wall of sound, the vibrations, feedback, monster riffs. The 20 people up in the front they really dug it, the ones hanging in the back, had no idea what this freak rock was about. Really stoned heavy music with only a few guitar solos and a few vocals here and there and some cool sound effects added at certain times. The projections really added to the show for sure but it was more or less a similar thing over and over again. Great show. I was pretty blown away, again.

Set list: Track 1 from Toner Low II, Track from Toner Low II, Devilbot, Nymrod, Dustur

Toner Low


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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