Weird Owl - Ever the Silver Cord be Loosed
(Tee Pee Records TPE-091)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

I don’t have much info on this band and their myspace page is pretty crap so I am guessing this is their second CD (the first with Tee Pee). They are from Brooklyn NY and play psychedelic rock and are really into the occult side of things when it comes to the lyrical subjects. Mind Mountain starts the CD off with a nice steady groove and plenty of space aspects. They really remind me of Dead Meadow and Black Mountain, that same sort of vibe but a bit more spacey. 70’s Riff rock, with no solos on the first track. Skelepathic is a more 60’s track and reminds me of the Swedish band, Dead Man, who channel the same vibe. 13 Arrows, 13 Stars is next and one of the longer tracks at over 6 minutes. It starts with just a kick drum, vocal and guitar riff before the band kicks in and some nice slide guitar accents the track. Neil Young might like this one. Great track. Tobin’s Spirit Guide is a bit more stoned and you can hear the organ player a bit more than other tracks but he is still pretty buried in the mix. Do what th owl Wilt has a heavier more Sabbath like riff with effects and some pretty strange lyrics if you listen closely. This one is pretty psychedelic and stoned as well and features a guitar solo and organ solo as well. Not many of these on the record. Mostly moody riff rock but I guess live the band hopefully jams a bit otherwise it could be a bit boring for me. Don’t get me wrong, these guys write some damn cool songs. Impressed. A phase of the Moon again starts with just a kick drum, vocal and guitar like 13 Arrows. In the Secrecy of Oceans is another pretty slow track with one guitar playing the melodic line and the other the fuzz guitar long on reverb! The CD ends with Flying low through the air after Thunder and is another slow stoned rock track and the longest on the record at 7 minutes. It builds up in intensity and has some peaks and troughs but retains what I would say is this bands pretty signature sound even though the band get a bit more psyched out on this one. Fans of Dead Man, Dead Meadow and Black Mountain will probably dig this.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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