Winterhawk - Revival
(Rockadrome ROCK-003-V2)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Winterhawk was a Chicago area band that existed between like 1977 and 1983 before leaving us all behind. This is the sole record that they released in 1982 on their own small label. 2000 copies were pressed in two bunches but 30% of the first batch were crap. It is pretty rare today and it has a lot of great material. The band was a 3 piece and you can hear Triumph (the high pitch vocal, more than the guitar work), the harder edged Styx material, Richie Blackmore like guitar in this great hard rock piece of art. The CD features 7 tracks in 43 minutes. The record starts with a short instrumental piece before launching into the hard rocking Sanctuary, which has a great riff. Period of Change has some amazing guitar playing and a lot of different moods. At this point I would have to consider the band a progressive rock band, and then Can’t see the Forest from the Trees kicks in and is a foot stomping bluesy track and Jordan lets it rip! The title track, Revival, is next and is a cool melodic rock track. Ace in the Hole is not sung by vocalist/guitarist Jordan Macarus but the bass player Doug Brown. This features some ripping guitar at the end and again is quite a complex arrangement. The CD ends with the long progressive rock track with some very Richie Blackmore like guitar runs that only miss Jon Lord on the organ., Free to live clocking in at 9½ minutes. A great track and pretty cool record.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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