Zappa plays Zappa - Vega, København 6/10/09

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Well, this was the third time Magnus and I have gone to see ZPZ and it was amazing once again. I don't think any of these songs expect G spot Tornado had we seen this band play before. The place was nearly sold out if not sold out and again the audience mostly over 40 but nice to see some young kids as well. The band started about 20 or so minutes after 8 and played for nearly 3 hours. The playing was pretty unreal and I think Dweezil is proving to be a pretty unreal, mindblowing guitar player, taking his fathers style and influence to a whole new level. They opened with Purple Lagoon and he played a long, killer creative solo. Wow... I have just been to the Sweden Rock festival seeing bands playing all day for 4 days and the only guitar solo that came close to being that good was Vinnie Moore of UFO during Rock Bottom. Montana, again featured some smoking guitar and the long Village of the Sun had amazing playing by all players. Some where around or during Don't you ever wash that thing, the Vibraphone fell apart and they spent like 20 minutes restringing it and the band played a long killer Apostrophe, which was not on the set list. Dirty Love also did not feature the vibraphone and then they were back for Inca Roads. The band clearly had a lot of fun with Bamboozled by Love. The new singer Ben is a good personality and sings well. He does not try to be Frank. Outside Now also was long and featured great solos. At some point earlier in the show they also gave a Les Paul away to someone in the audience who actually jammed with the band. He could not really play that well though but it was fun. Trouble Everyday was long with a lots of band solos as well. Zomby Woof ended the show and Dweezil played another totally killer solo. Wow... He also has such a great tone and sound. He played the SG most of the show but also the Strat for a few songs. It was a totally amazing show. Don't eat the Yellow Snow and Willie the Pimp ended the show. I should also mention that early in the show someone yelled out Smoke on the Water and Dweezil picked it up and played it for some bars and this would be revisited two times in the show including with the drummer coming down and singing when Dweezil commanded Sheijla to play drums after playing keys, two saxes at once and his guitar as well. The sound guy said they had not done this before on the tour. Great show.

Set List: Purple Lagoon, Imaginary Diseases, Magic Fingers, Montana, Village of the Sun, Echidna’s Arf, Don’t you ever wash that thing, Dirty Love, Apostrophe, The black Page #1, Black Page #2, Inca Roads, Bamoozled by Love, Outside Now, Lumpy Gravy, G Spot Tornado, Cosmik Debris, Trouble Everyday>band solos, Zomby Woof, Yellow snow, Willie the Pimp

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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