Seventh brings Return - Tribute to Syd Barrett DVD
(Voiceprint Brazil VPBDVD2)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This is a live performance filmed just some days after Syd left this world by the Brazilian group, Violeta de Outona and it was recorded in São Paulo in July 2006. The band is also part of the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet and has worked with Daevid Allen. Like Pink Floyd, the band is a 4 piece and they play all of Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (not in order) as well as some of the bands singles and Jugband Blues. They are also known to play some tracks from Syd’s solo records but only one appears here. You also get a bonus track of Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun from a concert from January 2006. Anyway, the light show is really fantastic and the film editing is quite nice and not too fast. The band plays the tracks pretty straight and does not attempt to freak out or improvise really. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if the band would have freaked out a bit and the keyboards were vintage. Enjoy

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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