Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UFO - 'Lord Of The Underground'
(Alien8 Recordings) Catalog number: ALIEN84

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

Another worthy Acid Mothers Temple title on the Alien8 label - I believe this makes a total of four of their countless CD's that are out now - be sure to check out the label site as they've got a good number of other experimental titles of lesser known artists as well. Three full-blown psychedelic tracks here to soak up your senses. It starts off with the fourteen-minute "Eleking The Clay" that some fans might find this tune similar to a couple of AMT'S earlier discs - 'La Novia' and possibly ' In C '. This is where modern day krautrock successfully cross-breeds with Turkish psych, as this audio gem practically takes on a life form of it's very own. Next is "Sorcerer's Stone Of The Magi" that was written by bassist Atsushi Tsuyama. It's kind of like a short piece of ( laid back ) trance-psychedelia that frazzles your mind. The finale here is the twenty-five minute "Vishnu And The Magic Elixer" that definitely takes it's time to build up, but after about maybe nine minutes the more familiar Acid Mothers territory and vibe begins to take hold. Then after the fifteen minute mark the song develops into an all out brain cell frying Japanese freak-out as only guitarist Kawabata Makoto and crew are able to pull off. I wanted to mention that with this CD as well as with their numerous other titles, Makoto truly earns his nickname as the 'Speed Guru'. Hopefully you'll get as much out of this CD as I did. Have a nice trip.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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