Gosta Berlings Saga and ILDHU - Dragens Hule, København 9/26/09

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

I was not sure I would go to this show as I had to get up early to take a plane to Vienna today. Here I am in the airport writing about this amazing show. I am very happy that I went as GBS are an amazing band and super nice people. Local Viking stoner rock band ILDHU opened the show and most of the audience was their friends (and mine). ILDHU was originally a side project to Gas Giant with Jesper, Stefan and Thomas. Today, the line up is lead by Thomas on guitar and lead vocals, Jesper on drums and vocals and Peter and Helge. While they are not the tightest of bands, they have the “vibe” and all the songs are sung in Danish and about Viking lore. Some really catchy choruses at times. They played for about 45 minutes and the audience liked it quite a lot.

Set List: Gristen, Hil du Frænde, Blomsten, HImmel og Jord, Glæden skal Sejre, Brage, Kød og Blod

GBS did not take long to set up as they had a proper soundcheck. Jacob and Rasmus from Causa Sui came out, Tom from Lowcut, Magnus and Søren from Mantric Muse and some members from my band, the Øresund Space collective as well. Anyway, they played almost all the songs from their brilliant new CD, including the last track (Västerbron ), that is one of my favorites. The crowd was small but totally into the show. The band was clearly drawn in by the energy and the people dancing in front of them. They have so many moods, and flows and play very tightly. They played about 80 minutes or so, including a very spaced out ending track to the show. Great concert. I spoke with the drummer and he loved the place and said he thought it was one of the best gigs they had every played! Glad I was there to see it!

Set List: Jud frän Stan, Sortesang 1-2, Helga, Naturen, Kontrast, Berslagen, Västerbron, Fem Trappår, Svenska Hjärtan, ??

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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