GR and Full Blown Expansion
(World in Sound WIS. 3007)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This is some damn strange stuff and you have to really be patient to allow yourself to be drawn into the weirdness. The other choice is to just crank it up loud and allow one to be absorbed. GR plays all the instruments and lays down the far out vocals as well. There are 7 tracks all recorded on a 4 track recorder. I actually quite like the raw nature of the sound and would not like this stuff any other way; lofi or no fi… The opening track is a long 13 minute semi-hypnotic trip to the dark side of humanity. Transfiguration on a Sepiachord has the same find of frantic percussion but a more like twisted surf guitar that melts into a more noisy piece before returning with some nice guitar. Cool tone. The Metal Spike is a multilayered psychedelic tribal trip that lasts just less than 4 minutes. Trippy. The Intercessor Speaks is another acid trip track that one must be careful not to fall to deep into, with the crazy vocals. The Scene is a dominated by a distorted guitar and far out vocal presentation. All Stoned Day long they take You, lets off on the distortion, a little bit, and reminds me of the Deviants. In fact, I am quite sure that GR is a fan of the Deviants… The CD ends with Blind Black or Pearly White, which is a bit more melodic and features some strange keyboards. Damn cool stuff…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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