The Hamsters - Half Moon, Putney, London 1/30/10

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

The Hamsters are a 20 year old British blues rock bar band that have toured more than 2000 gigs in the UK over the years and this was one of a two night stand they were having. The next night they were doing all covers of Hendrix and ZZ TOP. We would get to hear a few on this night as well. This is very cozy pub and venue and for sure an older audience for this gig. They played two sets about 1 hour each and it was mostly original tracks but also some great covers like Izabella by Hendrix, and a couple of ZZ TOP (Legs - not that interesting). The lead guitar player can really rip it up and but you can tell this is a band that is just going through the motions now. The drummer looked like he would rather be anywhere in the world but here. The bass player was smiling but was clearly totally bored as well. It was a fun night out but unless the band start doing something more spontaneous or different, nothing will change for them…

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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