AMON DÜÛL II, Cosmopolite, Oslo, Norway 26.09.09

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

Legendary krautrockers Amon Düül II played in Oslo at the old "Soria Moria" cinema/theater at Torshov on Oslo's east end, and they were were in form most definitely, and delivered an energy packed and over the top show. They played "All The Years Round", "Deutsch Nepal", "Wolf City" and "Archangels Thiunderbird", the latter which was played only briefly as part of a medley at the end, and about 6-7 other songs. Singer Renate Knaup looked like a school teacher (head master) and was really into 'keeping the audience disciplined' which was kind of funny, and the band were all really energetic, it was like "hey we are old and you better enjoy the spectacle!". They all looked (and were) over 60 years old but played excactly like they would 35 years ago. A great night, and the opening group were not bad (motorik) drone music either (a Norwegian group called Big Robot), a group that apparantly has connections to the blackmetal group Mayhem and has had Conrad Schnitzler as a producer. The crowd was pretty mixed and relaxed, about a 100-150 people. A perfect night and I hung at the bar with a great view to the stage and also met folks from the prog-rock radio show i sometimes guest host.
I left knowing I had finally seen The Legendary AMON DÜÜL 2!

Reviewed by Christian Mumford

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