Fókatelep and Trusted Enemy - Vanløse Kulturhus, Denmark 10/23/09

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

I was very excited that the excellent Hungarian band F+okatelep featuring members of the band Korai Öröm were coming to town. I have been a fan and friend of Korai Öröm for many years and it was great to see Emil again. Clotho and I showed up early and we were able to talk with Emil and Annmaria, the amazing singer. He even played a special Hungarian song for Clotho and Annmaria sang on this special string instrument (see picture in the gallery).

Anyway, local Danish band Trusted Enemy started playing at like 20:15 and the place was filled up with mainly their friends and about 15 or so other people. They started off with a pretty cool spacey piece into an ethnic inspired one. The band are a six piece featuring the dad on synths and main vocals, daughter on lead vocals and visual projections (mostly not that interesting) and son on electronic drum kit. They had two guitar players, one who also played keyboards and bass. The music is very Roger Waters inspired stuff (with electronic beats and rhythms) with some very conscious political lyrics at times. They had a rapper from Portugal and a spoken word rapper from Wales also join them late in the set. They played about an hour or so.

Trusted Enemy

They had to tear down a lot of gear and set up a whole new stage for Fókatelep but they went as fast as they could and it was about 21:45 when they started. They began with some acoustic songs to start and then the guitarist, bass, drums and djembe player joined Emil (keyboards) and Annmaria, the magical singer. Clotho and I really liked them a lot. Some of it was Hungarian hard rock with Hungarian singing (all of the singing was in Hungarian, a quite beautiful language). Some material could have been on a Korai Ôröm record for sure. They played a large variety of styles as well with some jazzy stuff, psychedelic stuff, etc… It was great. They ended the show with the three singers from the Trusted Enemy coming up and doing some freeform stuff over a bluesy piano thing that Emil came up with. The rapper folks were not at all inspired or were drunk or something as they only sang like ok, ok, ok,,….. it was a bit disappointing… A cool show..
Annmaria Both bands at the end of the show


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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