Ginger, Wave of Stone - Dragens Hule, København 10/10/09

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

I think this is only the second time there has been a band from Switzerland playing in Dragens Hule. Ginger contacted me some months back as I had written a review of their live in Zurich CD. They are also friends of Siena Root, who has played with my band the Øresund Space Collective. Anyway, KG and Love from Siena Root had been at my place all day recording sitar, Indian space music and we headed out to DH about 21. Wave of Stone were making a soundcheck when we arrived and they were playing very loud. Only Lene and Morten from Fuzz Manta and some friends of Wave of Stone were there (and also Ginger).

Wave of Stone

Wave of Stone started a bit after 11 and had a crowd of about 20 young kids from their school I guess there. This is a pretty cool young band, playing a mix of stoner rock and 70’s style rock, but with short guitar solos, but at least they have some solos. Pretty good band. The played Hell in High Heels, Devil in Disquise and a few others I recognized and finally they played two new songs and these were probably the best songs, which is very promising. Cool band. Keep watchin’ out for them.


Ginger did not waste any time and got to business and started playing within 25 minutes or so. The crowd was quite small tonight, probably because of the football match between Sweden and Denmark. I heard that Denmark won 2-0. We don’t care about football. Rock and roll is much more interesting. Anyway, Ginger are a kick ass 4 piece rock and roll band with dual guitars (one guy also plays trumpet), bass (female) and drums. They played a few cover songs like Send you back to Georgia, Redhouse and the final encore of Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. The rest I think were original songs and some damn good ones. The lead guitar player is really good and totally rips it up at times and is very animated. Both guitar players share the lead vocals. They clearly love to play and to jam and were having a good time. I think the young kids who stayed had a great experience and saw a pretty cool 70’s inspired rock band on this night. They played about 95 minutes. Great night.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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