Gnod with White Hills - Drop Out
(Drug Space Records 2009)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This will be released next year on the Rocket label, the same one that released the split White Hills/Heads vinyl. The CD features 3 long tracks (10,14 and 24 minutes) and one short 2 minute piece. I am guessing this was recorded during some jams whilte the White Hills guitarist and leader was in England. Zeitgeist (Run-a-Round) has a pretty hypnotic groove and the band keeps it going strong with some spacey vocalizations added and the guitar starts to solo a bit and the GNOD guys make the strange sounds. Cool track. Spaced Man at 13:38 is next, and starts with some spaced electronics before a heavy bass line kicks in and slowly the heavy guitars layer into the sound. This one reminds me a lot of Circle but more psychedelic. Air is a 1:48 minute track that is just a spacey, airy loop that leads into the monster 24 minute Per Sempre. It starts with some spoken words and slow building sounds from deep inside your soul, as the guitar slowly rises to the surface, like a new flower opening to start the day. The track very slowly builds and spaces as it takes you deep into a trance…. Totally spaced out. Killer release… Hope it is out on vinyl…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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