Gov’t Mule - Pumpehuset, København 11/5/09

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

I have waited 12½ years for Gov’t Mule to come and play in Denmark. I left work and headed straight to the venue to see if I could meet the band. I used to hang out with them a few times back in 1996 when I was friends with John Robinson. His sister ended up marrying Allan Woody, the former bass player. Anyway, sure enough, ran into Matt and later Warren and could say hello. They did not remember me, which is no surprise. They meet 1000’s of people and it had been 13 years since I saw them in person last. I got to see a bit of the equipment set up on the stage and met Lance, Warren, Matt and they were all totally cool. I had to go home though but would come back in an hour or so.

When I came back I could sit for a bit in the hall but they don’t like people around during soundcheck and they asked me and Jorgen, the new Swedish bass player’s friends, to also go downstairs. They played parts of several songs and Maybe I’m a Leo all the way through and also Time to Confess, neither of which was played at the show. I went outside and hung out and talked with some fans and also my Swedish friends, Patrick, Robert, Anders, Finn… Doors opened at 20 and the band started at 21. My Danish friends arrived just before 21.

Danny Jorgen Warren 12 string

The sound was really excellent and I have met the sound guy a few times and he let me put my mics up at the soundboard. The band opened with Some more familiar stuff and what I would say predictable first set except for Mother Earth and they actually had About To Rage written on the set list but changed their mind. Warren was amazing on Mother Earth. Birth of the Mule was also a great surprise. The band seemed a bit tired in the first set but the second set was much better but not as hard rocking. Railroad Boy is my favorite song from the new record so I was very happy to hear this and I also love Child of the Earth. The encore featured Mats Jenséus, a friend of Jorgen’s on guitar. I had hoped Warren would rip it up and go extended during Painted Silver Light but the solo was short. He was tired this night and not into really extending the solos much. Still a great show.

Set 1
Bad Little Doggie
Streamline Woman
Mother Earth
Larger Than Life
Birth of The Mule
Banks Of The Deep End
Any Open Window
Steppin' Lightly
Lola Leave Your Light On

Set 2
Broke Down On The Brazos
Lay Your Burden Down
Railroad Boy
Beautifully Broken >
Drums >
Drumz and Bass >
Child Of The Earth
Painted Silver Light
Mule >
I've been working >

Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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