Highway Child, LSD on CIA, ILDHU - Dragens Hule, København 11/14/09

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This was the music talent agency 5 year anniversary and Christmas party, which featured 3 bands on their roster. I was not sure how many people would turn out on this wet and rainy evening. It did stop raining after like 21:30, which was nice but perhaps people have already decided they were not coming out, as it was a small crowd. Maybe 40 people at the most. A bit sad. Anyway, ILDHU started things off around 22 and are cool. Viking Stoner rock. They have a good energy, cool vibe, great lyrics, passionate singing and some damn cool songs. The band are really cool. I dig it anyway…. Nice to see some of my friends here as well.

Set list: Himmel og Jord, Blomsten, Gnisten, Glæde skal sjere, Brage, Hil du frænde, Hornet der Tuder, Hjul


A guy band from the Island of Fyn, called LSD on CIA was next and Dr. Rock, he played guitar and sang and they had a very powerful bass and drum combination. They played some sort of indie rock and there were a number of young girls there to see them as well and they all left to catch the bus at midnight. Anyway, this was not my kind of music but they had their elements. Someone said it was like a cross between the Artic Monkeys and Muse. They did not get much of a response from the regular rock crowd. They played 8 songs in like 47 minutes.

Highway Child slayed the place and it did not matter that only like 25 people were left. They love to rock. I was at least very glad to hear some songs I had never heard them play, even though most of the set was the same as for the past several years. The best part of the show was the Yardbirds cover into their own song called Evelyn, where they steal the guitar riff from Smokestack Lightning by Howlin’ Wolf. This was a pretty long show for them, nearly 75 minutes as we got two encores and a cool Neil Young cover to end the night. Only about 25 people at the end but they rocked like they were playing a stadium. Awesome band who rocked our socks off!

Set List: Change yourself, Take you Down, Love for Sale, Sendme More, Happenings (Yardbirds), Evelyn, Spaciator, Just like you,Highway Child, Kick out the Jams, Champagne Eyes,

Highway Child

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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