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(Garden of Delights CD124)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This record was originally recorded in 1974 and this is the first time on CD. Also included on the CD is a bonus live track from December 1971. The great instrumental opening track is pretty organ driven stuff with a very raw sound production. Carol is more of a organ power ballad. Fly like a Bird is also a slower emotional track and the singer has a cool raspy voice. They always have some tasty blues guitar and organ solos to go with these tracks as well. It was Nice starts very quietly with just guitar and vocals before the rest of the band comes in and this one features some flute as well. Later this track is a real showcase for the great organ playing by Nobert. Dreaming starts slowly but then breaks into a heavy jamming track and then it lays back down again. Land of the Blind features a Rhodes piano instead of organ and this gives the track a very different vibe. I like the bass line on this one and the cool groove. Unknown Solider sees the band getting the most psyched out of any track on the CD. The 15 minute bonus track called Jazz from 1971 closes the CD. I should also say that the booklet has a lot of great pictures of the band and is really nice.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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