Martin Archer - In Stereo Gravity
(Discus Music Discus33CD)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

On this double CD in a beautiful cardboard slipcase, Martin has assembled a crew consisting of Julie Tippets, Chris Cutler, Charlie Collins, Terry Todd, Dave Kane, Karl D’Silva, James Archer and UTT to assist in the making of these psychedelic sound collages that range from totally spaced out stuff to almost psychedelic rock. A huge range of very cool stuff is presented. This is his 8th solo release since 1988 and he has appeared with many other folks as well.

The first CD begins with All the Wars Were Lost, a strange drone track with a lot of stuff mixed in. Picofard features some cool guitar and is not a strictly drone sound collage type thing. Yamba of you wanna Use is very strange stuff. Nach Schriesheim is a pretty cool track and reminds me a bit of Electric Orange. Severed Me is a long track with Julie and others with layered and effected voices. In the Morning out There is a cover song by Carla Bley. Army of Briars ends CD1.

The second CD, which is more experimental, starts off with the really cool piece called Few Hammer. Next up Martin is by himself with I’m like Hello. Stockhausen Ascent is again Martin making some cool collages dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen, who passed away just a few years back. The next two tracks feature Julie Tippets and in one she is reading text spam emails and it also features some reprocessed voices of Anne Briggs in this long 16 minute track called A Daredevil in the Forest. Birds Eye features some nice bass playing to go along with the drones. The CD ends with a reprise of the track that began the first CD. Experimental goodness…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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