Plastic Crimewave - Fire in the Whole
(Apollaan Recordings apmo23)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This is a limited edition CD-R in 100 copies of demos with a hand painted cover. All the releases are very limited and in hand painted artwork. One of the rarest White Hills items is a 50 copy CD live from the Knitting Factory released on this label. Wish I had it! So what is the music about and who are these folks. I think this is a one man project. There is some distorted guitar, vocals on the first track. The next has some acoustic guitar, distant vocals and some lo fi rumblings. The next track is pretty far out and even more effected. Only 1½ minutes long. Next we have a less distorted vocal but more distorted guitar and some backwards guitar as well. Interesting. Not sure what he babbling on about though. Anyway, you get the idea… There are 13 tracks in 28 minutes and pretty damn lo fi stuff.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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