Sky Picnic - Farther in this Fairy Tale
(Sky Picnic Music SKPM002S)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This New York trio are back with another super cool blast back to 1969! I really liked the bands first CD quite a lot and this one is equally as good! The opening track reminds me a lot of Sundial (Other way Out era) psychedelia. The band are equally effective at the short songs as well as the longer more psyched out ones like Universal Mind Decoder and Marker 25,27. White Plane starts slowly but features some very cool guitar as the slow track twists and turns. Marker 25,27 is a heavier track and I like the way the bass is mixed a bit up front. The mellotron also adds a nice effect that takes the track in a less guitar dependent manner. A great song. Seven is a shorter track with acoustic guitar and some nice psychedelic effects. The amazing 12 minute Universal Mind Decoder is next. Abbie’s Bike Ride and features some psyched out guitar as it should on a track dedicated to Mr. LSD.. Going Mad in Cambridge features the mellotron again and is a very dreamy track. Farther in this Fairy Tale is an experimental piece with various delays, feedbacks and effects that lead into the White Plane (reprise) that closes the CD. Another brilliant effort and highly recommended for those into 60’s psych and early Sundial stuff.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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