Slottsskoggen goes Progressive 2008 DVD (GARF)

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

This is a one hour DVD compilation of the main bands that played at Slottsskogen in 2008. I am not sure why Ankedoten did not have a track though as they played second to last. Darkwater play the track Again and this is heavy melodic track featuring some nice guitar work as well. Heavy riffs, melodic counterparts and also some keyboards make for progressive metal. Moon Safari, from the north of Sweden, play the song Moonwalk. This track is featuring some 12 string guitar and a spacey mood to start with. The keyboard player plays some excellent solos in this melodic rock number. Beautiful music. Johan Randén and Synkopaterna have three jazz fusion tracks and Johan shows that he can really play the guitar laying down some pretty killer licks. The DVD ends with Øresund Space Collective (my band) and features the last song of our concert. It is a little strange that we are first on the DVD menu as we were the last band to play. If you hit play all, then you see the bands in the correct order. Anyway, it is a pretty cool 25 minute jam and well filmed and great audio. You can buy the DVD from the GARF web site.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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