St. Vitus, Moonless - Loppen, Christiania, Denmark 2/19/10

From Aural Innovations April 2010 update

I was very much looking forward to seeing this show. I went down to El Paso with my cousin Craig back in 1986 or '87 to see St. Vitus and the Mentors and the bands never showed up! Anyway, the band were cool at Roadburn last year but from the reports on the net the band is on fire and energized with a new drummer (from Blood on the Sun). A lot of friends were at this show including Johnny from Transubstans Records, some folks from Göteborg, Nils, Jens, Magnus, Finn, and many others…. The show started right after 10 with local, stoner-doom band, Moonless. I have never seen them before and they only had a 4 song 27 minute set but they were really good. Powerful singer (for such a small guy), nice riffs and some cool songs. This band will have a 12” record out soon, I understand.

Moonless Centurians Ghost

Next up was a UK band called Centurions Ghost. They had a powerful singer, heavy set female guitarist, drums and bass. Most of their stuff sounded too much a like but they had a few really really cool doom tracks. The place was totally packed up front for St. Vitus and the band and audience really connected on this night as the band opened up with Living Backwards! They followed this with I Bleed Black. Wino told a bit of a story and was in great form leading into Clear Windowpane. Now they kicked it up a notch with The War Starter and Look Behind You. White Stallions was very fast and the crowd was totally drawn in. The band played very loud but still the sound man managed to make the drums too loud and guitar too low. Pity. Mystic Lady was dedicated to the few women at the show and they ended with St. Vitus. We got two long encores with Dying Inside (about the evils of Alcohol) and a fun jam with teases of Black Sabbath, Earache My Eye, etc, before they launched into Born to Late. Great 70 minute set… They are going to record a new record this year, which is great news. Hope we can talk them into playing Burial at Sea next time.

Wino up close!Chandler on Guitar

Set List: Living Backwards, I Bleed Black, Clear windowpane, the War Starter, Look behind you, The Troll, White Stallions, Mystic Lady, Saint Vitus, Dying Inside, Born to Late

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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