Stay – “The Fourth Dimension” (Subterfuge Records 2012, 21918SUB)

Stay are a quartet from Barcelona, Spain who – though describing themselves as a space-rock band on the back of the album – play a killer brand of 60s inspired pop-psych. They’ve had a single and some compilation contributions for Fruits de Mer Records, so that alone should tell you a lot about them. The Fourth Dimension is their fourth album.

Songs like The Change Is Coming, Yellow Rainbows, In The Rain and Time Machine demonstrate the band’s flair for tightly composed songs that include brief but awesome instrumental segments, excellent guitar-organ interplay, plus great melodies and lyrics.

The band is clearly influenced by The Byrds on All I Know, with its jangly guitars. Gone With the Sun has a distinctive Byrds/country quality. And Everything – dedicated to Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt – has an acoustic country feel.

Among my favorite songs of the set are You Got Me Wrong, with its raw, grungy, acidic guitar, and we’re treated to a monster screaming, bubbling trip guitar solo. I really dig the ripping tripped out guitar break on Take Me Away. And ya gotta love the fuzz bass and power-driving groove of I Don’t See Myself, which also includes a spaced out Doors-like segment.

The album was recorded in Liverpool and just released this month (September 2012). The recording quality and production are excellent, making a primo showcase for this talented band’s songs and musicianship. Fans of 60s influenced psych songs with melodies that stick in your brain on the first listen will dig this for sure.

The Fourth Dimension is available in CD, vinyl and digital download editions. For more information you can visit the Stay web site at:
Visit the Subterfuge Records web site at:

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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