Hyne – ‘3000’ (self-released 2011)

Not really sure as to what drew my attention to this CD to review for Aural Innovations. Perhaps it’s because I noticed the CD was a left-over from the submission list of titles to cover from the previous list of choices. Or maybe I simply dug the CD cover. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut CD effort from Hyne – a five-piece stoner rock collective from Hamburg, Germany. I couldn’t help but notice that this CD has no bar code or a catalog number. Therefore, I could only assume that the band had assembled this CD themselves which also sort of impressed me. Liked about every track here -like Loafer (which I thought sort of maybe had a Monster Magnet-like vibe), the full-throttled rocking title cut 3000 that definitely reminded me of Motorhead, the ass-kicking Slow Suicide (are we having another Motorhead moment?), Suck It which belongs on Internet radio and the nine-minute stoner mind-blower Cries From The Hidden which is, in my opinion, the CD’s best song – hands down. That leaves Vertical Roll, the head-banging Witch’s Cauldron and the finale Spirit of Now to this thirty-five minute outing of pure stoner / metal mayhem. 3000 undoubtedly possesses heavy guitars, mighty bass and droning drums to take its listeners all the way in. Sure, this sort of stoner rock has in fact been done over many times throughout the past so-many years, but 3000 is a fully welcomed (addition) to all the similar CD’s out there.

Line-up: Adam McLocklan – vocals, Sebastian Dietz and Christian Roos – guitars, Stefan Bucholz – bass and Bjorn Frohlich – drums. Should draw in fans of Kyuss, Monster Magnet (obviously), Dixie Witch, Sheavy, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, we can’t forget Motorhead and possibly Queens of the Stone Age. Essentially, a must-hear.

For more info, visit: http://www.hyne3000.de and http://www.myspace.com/hynerocks

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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