Book of Shadows – “IndigoM” (Reverb Worship 2013, RW 224, originally released 2005)

IndigoM was the second Book of Shadows album, recorded live on KVRX radio Austin, Texas in 2005, and released as a CD that year. The Reverb Worship reissue consists of the single 50+ minute piece of music that comprised the original, and as a bonus adds the brief intro that preceded the performance and the 7 minute interview that followed.

IndigoM was recorded by a trio version of the band – mainstays Carlton (keyboards) and Sharon (vocals) Crutcher, plus Douglas Ferguson on guitar and electronics. The music is a guitar and electronics exploration. It’s deep in space, but also harsh and sonically devastating, with floating alien soundscapes that evolve with an edgy aggression. This is spacecraft engine room avant-garde sound creation, and the trio do an impressive job of gradually navigating the journey on an aurally picturesque course. The interview is a nice addition, and however trivial this many sound, after hearing Sharon’s unique vocals over 20+ albums, it was great hearing her “talk”.

Note that IndigoM is a limited numbered edition of only 50 copies.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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