Sauer Adler – “Revelation” (self-released 2013, Download)

Sauer Adler are the Polish duo of Kacper Wojaczek on keyboards and vocals and A.J. Kaufmann on guitars and vocals, and I believe Revelation is their debut. Sauer Adler cover a lot of ground across the album’s 10 tracks. Bokonon is characterized by a Syd Barrett Madcap Laughs brand of stripped down whimsical folk-psych. Axona is a 60s inspired psych song, with cool piano and acoustic guitar interplay, later transitioning to organ and electric guitar. Wormhole Blues and In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise bring to mind lo-fi Peter Hammill. Gray City and Ascension / Vikings of the Sunrise have an intense, emotional, spaced out Prog feel. And Get High and See is a 12+ minute constellation of lysergic twists and turns. It begins as a fairly normal song, but after a few minutes veers off into an avant-psychedelic exploration that seems to switch gears every moment or two, from freaky songs to spaced out improvs, which despite the weirdness is all creatively strung together.

Revelation may be a lo-fi living room affair, but Wojaczek and Kaufmann are doing a lot with a little, writing damn good songs and putting together impressive instrumental arrangements. Add a couple more musicians and give these guys some quality studio time and we might have a Prog-Psych powerhouse on our hands.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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