Gushing Cloud – “Beat Wings In Vain” (Intangible Cat 2013, CAT-18, CD/Download)

From Spring Valley, Illinois, Gushing Cloud’s follow up to his debut 2010 EP Prism Shelter is a fascinatingly varied patchwork of colors, ideas, and musical character spread over realms of electronic, ambient and noisy/experimental/progressive rock music.

MARCHING OUR YONDERS: The music comes down from high space etherealness and then becomes funky boogie rock. Transcendent rock music without being this or that… just is-ness. A largeful sound of is-ness! Some gremlin child-like vocals. The boogie and woogie is relentless. WITNESS: Yes, I’m witness to the marvel that is Gushing Cloud, more sideways rock ‘n’ space music. Now the sax… but not so much sax as to disrupt the righteous roll and rockness cruising down the bobbing culverts of High On Space Rock!!! Yup, it’s gettin’ down time with Gushing Cloud! PRISON SWELTER: Yes, the big Badass riffage. Still no discernable vocals or lyrical message, which is fine with me! Yes, give us more and louder. BEAT WINGS IN VAIN: The wings are fluttering gently around the smokey room looking for a soft couch to descend upon, but then alights itself to a moderate rock gruuvness, and then what!? I have to wonder if this is something that can be translated into a live venue situation or mainly studio trickery… does it matter? No?! TURNFLEW: Starts to conjur Zappa jazz rock studio tan other worldliness. I have to admit that I appeciate that there are no sensitive world weary male vocals about seals or trees or the oceans turning to blood etc. NOT TO DREAM: Just pure D weirdness, just like the Goddess always wanted rock ‘n’ roll to be! Please don’t worry about the pin heads working the bar down at the club or your fickle confused friends or even the jaded too many mescaline enema reviewers at AI. Yes, just make yore fucked up weirdass rock music for all eternity to enjoy! RETURN TO HUNGER: Yes, Gushing Cloud has given me the hunger to devour the groovoid rock mana from High On. Yes, up on this stage with the wind of hawks I feel so high and mighty… let’s go on a crime spree for Ajna and Tisra Til! GESTURING STREAM: My wife Sharon sez “It has that phat Jah Wobble bass sound, that’s why I like it so much!” And that jus about sez it all!! Yes, this CD leaves out all the non-sense and non essentials that muck up most rock music releases and just concentrates on the good stuff real shit that music is supposed to be! Can any reviewer say anything more positive than that!?!?! Yes, I’m Gushing on the Cloud!! Starts to sound like Mardi Gras on three hits of Owsley Sunshine!!!! DIRT BEAM: More skewered sideways rock, done in majestic Gushing Cloud mode. Oh, it’s Uber over the top GC’ness. I have the music turned up so loud that I can understand the words that the cats are saying to me…. and the beat goes on…

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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