Schizo Fun Addict – “Theme From Suspiria” (Fruits de Mer Records 2014, Crustacean 48, 7″ vinyl)

Schizo Fun Addict are new to me, though not to Fruits de Mer as they were the subject of the very first ever FdM single. For this new 7″ they tackle two cult classic movie themes – Suspira and Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls.

Suspiria will always be a special movie for me. I have fond memories of seeing it in the theater as a teen when it first came out, and it scared the ever lovin’ crap out of me. But it was far more than just a well done scary movie. It was different. The whole atmosphere was so strange, and the colors were so odd. And the MUSIC… the music was fantastic and so integral to the film. I was so taken by it I ran out and bought the Goblin soundtrack and it’s an album I periodically revisit to this day. Schizo Fun Addict take the core theme and strike a nice balance between being faithful to the original and making it their own. It’s more of a steady rocker, and I like the la-la-la harmonies. But they retain the freakout synths and in some ways take it even deeper into space. Very nice. For In The Long Run, from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, Schizo Fun Addict are musically almost exactly the same as the original, horns and all. The big difference is they’ve got great vocals. The original had HORRIBLE vocals, which destroyed an otherwise killer tune. Thanks to Schizo Fun Addict for righting that wrong.

The single will be available late March, and as usual this is vinyl ONLY, no CDs or downloads. If interested you better hurry because Fruits de Mer releases sell out QUICK!

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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