Schnauser – “As Long As He Stays Perfectly Still” (Fruits de Mer Records 2014, Crustacean 46, 7″ vinyl)

Schnauser are a Bristol based band who are new to me, and here offer up two interesting choices for covers. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone tackle Yes for a Fruits de Mer release. Schauser take Astral Traveller, from Yes’ 1970 Time and a Word album, and are for the most part faithful to the original, including Jon Anderson styled vocals. For the flip side we’ve got a cover of Soft Machine’s As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still. Schnauser do a fairly proper interpretation of the song, but where the original two and a half minute song on Soft Machine’s Volume Two album ends, Schnauser are gearing up for an extended finale, taking off into a spaced out Jazz-Psych jam. Wow, quite some chops from these guys. I need to find more from Schnauser.

The single will be available late March, and as usual this is vinyl ONLY, no CDs or downloads. If interested you better hurry because Fruits de Mer releases sell out QUICK!

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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