The Myrrors – “Burning Circles In The Sky” (Rewolfed Gloom Records 2014, LP/Download)

The Myrrors are from Tucson, Arizona. I knew nothing about them when I received this and a Google search turned up an interview where I learned that the band formed in 2007 when the members were just out of high school and was the first band for most of them, which is impressive given how really good this album is. Burning Circles In The Sky was recorded in 2008 and released in a limited run of only 50 copies, and has now been reissued on 180 gram vinyl by Rewolfed Gloom Records.

Mind’s Eye opens the set and is a template for the core Myrrors sound. It’s melodically grooving and totally trippy acidic, droning, psychedelic folk, with just a wee bit of tasty edged dissonance. Plateau Skull continues the melodically grooving, acidic droning elements, but instead of a folk feel we’ve got a dark and doomy valium paced tune. I like how the rhythm section thuds along at a drugged march, led by gorgeously psychedelic guitar licks. Burning Circles In The Sky is similar, and I love the hypnotic strumming acoustic guitar and rhythmic march foundation against which the singer almost chants the lyrics and the electric guitar plays its somnolent acid leads. Warpainting continues along this path but includes some cool spacey electronic embellishments, and in the last minute I was surprised by a ripping acid guitar explosion which was an intense counterpoint to the rhythmic pace retaining its drugged march. And then we’ve got the 16+ minute Mother Of All Living. It starts off very spacey dreamy, with soundscapes, acoustic guitars, cosmic pied piper harmonica, and guitar leads that are both spacey and acid-angst wailing. A throbbing repetitive bass pattern develops that anchors the music and sounds great combined with the acid guitar. Just after the 7 minute mark the music recedes back to the spacey dreamy soundscapes, drifting along for a bit before returning to the main theme, though this time the guitar has a late 60s San Francisco psychedelic feel. The whole thing is moodily trippy and surreal, and I felt like I was on a hypnotic droning folk-psych in space excursion.

I love the spacey droning folk inflected psychedelic quality of The Myrrors and was drawn repeatedly back to this album. Check out the links below to hear this and other releases by the band.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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