Space Mirrors – “The Golden Path EP” (self-released 2014, Download)

The Golden Path EP is not the new Space Mirrors album, but rather a 10 year anniversary digital download only collection of re-recorded songs, previously unreleased outtakes and demos from the early years. It’s also, in terms of length, not an EP as it includes over 70 minutes of music.

The Dune Trilogy, originally on the 2006 released Memories Of The Future album, is the re-recorded track. The new version is as heavy as the original, which is no surprise as Alisa has increasingly incorporated Metal influences into Space Mirrors. And this new version does so while staying firmly in the space rock arena. But what makes the new version most interesting to me is the distinct character of the musicians in the current Space Mirrors lineup. Earth Gods Dance is an outtake version of the title track from last year’s The Other Gods album. Sands Of Dune is very different, being a 13 minute deep space synth instrumental soundscapes and effects journey that harks back to Alisa’s pre-Space Mirrors Neutron Star days.

Having followed Space Mirrors since the beginning, the demo tracks were of particular interest to me, getting to hear rarities from the days when the project was primarily a collaboration between Alisa and Australian musician Michael Blackman (who released several very good albums as Alien Dream). The 2002 tracks are the earliest, being eerily haunting cosmic explorations that preceded the first album, The Darker Side Of Art. Crossroads, also from 2002, and Underworld is Cold, from 2003, though still electronic and keyboard driven start to incorporate Rock elements. These early tracks also display the cinematic flair that would characterize Alisa’s later theme oriented albums, like the current Lovecraft inspired Cosmic Horror trilogy, and Alisa’s “book soundtrack” Psi Corps side project. Shadow Race from 2004 is an early example of Alisa’s leap into the Metal world. Shadowride, also from 2004, is similar but straddles the Metal/Space Rock axis in the way that makes Space Mirrors so compelling among contemporary space rockers. As I listen to these tracks I marvel at how far the project has developed over the years.

The Golden Path is for seasoned Space Mirrors fans who will appreciate the holdover until Cosmic Horror III is ready, and by purchasing it will help Alisa raise funds for Cosmic Horror III, which is one of her stated motivations for this release.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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