Space Debris – “Phonomorphosis” (2014, CD/2-LP)

The latest from German Prog infused Hard/Psych/Kraut rockers Space Debris features 4 side long stretch-out jams and nearly 80 minutes of music. The band are still the quartet of Tommy Gorny on guitar, Mitja Besen on bass, Winnie Rimbach-Sator on keyboards, and Christian Jäger on drums and percussion. If you’re unfamiliar with Space Debris you should know that they wear their early 70s influences like a badge of honor. And they do it good.

Colossus Stranded starts off with a slow yet potent doomy vibe, eventually taking off on a classic Prog-Psych power rocking jam with hints of Jazz-Fusion, and alternating with mellow grooving segments, which all lead to an explosive, anthem-like finale. Rimbach-Sator and Gorny are well matched on keyboards and guitar, playing off one another intuitively as they trade leads and solo together. The keyboard sounds are a golden age of Prog delight, recalling the glory days of the Hammond and Rhodes. Phonomorphosis has some of the most complex instrumentation of the set, as well as some of the most spaced out. When the band launch into a high energy heavy Prog jam, all the musicians are occupying their own individual realm, yet coming together to create a cohesive rocking whole, and stumbling across lots of catchy melodies in the process. Rimbach-Sator seems to be exploring his inner Sun Ra, with some seriously freaky keyboard sounds, as well as fuzzed jazzy and all manner of classic Prog styles, tripping and grooving along while the guitar rips off fiery solos, some of which get pretty spacey. We’re treated to some killer bubbling and pulsating Psych-Jazz guitar too. This is my favorite track of the set.

I like the Psychedelic Prog-Jazz of Cat Flow Deluxe, which at times sounds like a blend of Soft Machine and the contemporary San Francisco band Mushroom. There’s a lightly grooving and cheerily melodic section that brings to mind a fuzzed rendition of John Tropea’s A Short Trip To Space album, and the overall vibe is like a summer stroll through an outdoor bohemian fair. Then about halfway through the band switch gears and take off on a fast paced jam with more excellent keyboard/guitar tag team interplay. I also enjoyed the soulful segment that sounds like the soundtrack to a 60s movie. Finally, Journey Back To The Moon is a full on Prog-Psych assault with powerhouse organ and guitar and thunderous rhythm section, with inspired playing by all.

So set the wayback machine to 1971 Mr Peabody and head for Germany and some genuine Prog-Psych adventure. The album is available in CD and double LP formats, and vinyl junkies should note that the LP is housed in a gatefold jacket with beautiful artwork.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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