The Machine – “Offblast!” (Elektrohasch Records 2015, CD/LP)

Offblast! Is the fifth full length from Dutch rockers The Machine. The album consists of 6 tracks, with 4 shorter tunes sandwiched between two lengthy stretch-out tracks.

Chrysalis (J.A.M.) blasts straight out into space, being a 16+ minute Space Rock/Acid-Psych/Stoner jam. Early on it’s like a marriage of Hendrix, Acid Mothers Temple and Hawkwind’s Space Ritual, with manic mind-fucked guitar soloing and slobbering incessant Blanga propelled by frenzied Punky drumming. Then around the 7 minute mark things go quiet before transitioning to an easy paced Bluesy Psychedelic and nicely melodic Hendrix styled jam, which soon gets significantly dirtier and way out Hendrix Band Of Gypsies jamming. Guitar freakout fans will love this.

The Machine follows this lengthy jam with the short and to the point Dry End, a down ‘n’ dirty blast of stoned but cool grooving Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll. Coda Sun is equal parts Stoner-Drone and Eastern flavored harem scarem Psych rocker. I love the twin guitar attack alternating with deep space drift on Gamma. I really dig the frenzied Psychedelic-Funk and Hendrix-in-space rocking Off Course. Finally, the 12 minute Come To Light starts off very atmospheric with a light Funk undertone, and gradually builds up a loose rocking groove, and when the liquid Psych guitar starts riffing along with the funky rhythmic pulse I’m reminded of Kingston Wall. And on they go, just freeform rocking, jamming, spacing and tripping to the end.

In summary, The Machine combine Acid-Psych, Space Rock and good old Rock ‘n’ Roll to create a mightily kick ass set. Heavy Psych guitar lovers will wet themselves.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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