Homogenized Terrestrials – “Shadows Think Twice” (Aubjects 2015, CD/DL)

Homogenized Terrestrials is Phillip Klampe and I assume he plays every instrument on this CD? This is the follow up album to The Contaminist. “Once again there are eerie dreamy atmospheres and surreal explorations of unrecognized places and events. 16 Tracks of strange other worldly sounds allow the listener to shift away from the present into a place where both familiar and unusual details blend together to form the unexpected.” Sez the press release!

FIRE ENVELOPES: An instant attack of weirdness and bell ringing as the sirens are warbling to you from along the banks. SKED STEPPER: The music sounds like the title, some Sked Stepperness!! Yah, ambient experimental deep space spooky improv, excellent, maybe even Wicked Ass!!! YIBDAH: Yeah, I’m thinkin’ twice, mebbe even a third time about the Yibdah and how Homogenized Terrestrials can conjure such a thing?!?! Oh, the CD packaging is really beautiful with some amazing artwork/photography. Yes, it’s meditative. I’ve just now silenced the chattering monkey in my brain for the first time in days. SCRIPTURES: More intense non-ambient ambience… like pages of a book being burned one at a time… I’m sloooowwwing way down into the still nowness of Phillip Klampe and Friends, or is it all Phil? Yes, he’s quite a talented fellow!! One can’t help but think Soundtrack music when listening to this but when was the last time you heard good music in a movie? I think Hollywood doesn’t allow it! OBAYANEE YAMINAH: Yeah, pretty great song titles that somehow seem herbally influenced but mebbe that’s just my 1970’s sensibilities?!?! I really don’t know what the youth of America like to indulge in and I don’t know how old Phillip Klampe is of if he’s from America? FINDEK LIQUIFOLD: The best song title yet, (the Harvey Wallbanger Findek Liquifold of the Doppelganger Wine Bar Strategem Manifold Gold Dust!) and some pretty messed up (in a good way) music!!! Fidgety and deep space at the same time. GHOOSTS: Yes, what about the Ghoosts, they can get into your music and do any and all sorts of unpredictable sounds and attitudes careening around dream corners and closets! They might even bring in their friendly ghooost neighbors!? ASTRAL PROJECTIONS OF AN IRRADIATED CATERPILLAR: Yes, this one wins the prize for most far out/best song title. Music wise, more of the same (but in a good way) of the disturbing loveliness of Homo Terr! But again, this is sincerely high praise from a twice thinking shadow! DEFECTOR EXTRACTOR: Okay, this song title is reaching for the weirdness a little. Again, the music is authentic otherness of the highest order. I haven’t re-read my review of the previous Homog Terre album but I was prolly using all my same phrases of approval. FINGERTIPS TO: Fingertips to where? We have to know??! More psychotic spiritual new age music (but in a good way!) The female vocals are quite nice, as is everything else. A mantra from fingertips to horselips and back to toes tips!! Why am I thinking of Aunt Bea all the sudden? What is Homoge Terrest really doing to me? COLLAPSING MIND: Oh, this is a “good” song title, just when I’m thinkin’ mebbe Homogen Terrestr is watching me thru my compooter screen!?!? The music is like when yer egglike brain is cracklin’ in the fryin’ pan while Barbara Bush is pulling up her 1940’s dress and flashing you. SHON TEN: Short and sweet is the Shon Ten. RUST HAZE: Ah, nice song title that conjurs almost exactly what the music itself conjurs! Alien awareness that the living room needs sweeping. SCUBBLE: Silliness foul on this song title but at least it doesn’t have the words “red tide” or “whale”… male vocal chanting stillness with a bee in yer bonnet! SOUL TRANSFUSION: Yes, I’m being sucked thru the transfusion of sun and it’s fabulous!! (not in a bad way). I would love to have seen these guys play on Soul Train in 1979 but I guess it wasn’t meant to be!?!?! SHADOWS THINK TWICE: Last song, I hope Phillip Klampe doesn’t think I’m a bastard but I really kinda am! But I really love this music and the next time we pull out the mescaline enema at one of my wild and crazy parties I’m gonna slap on some Homogenized Terrestrials and pitch a bitch or paint the town red, I’m not sure which. Oh, the music isn’t over yet! Yes, it sounds like yer vacuuming your room in the 4th Dimension (but in a good way)…

Stream, download and purchase from the Homogenized Terrestrials Bandcamp site at: http://homogenizedterrestrials.bandcamp.com
Visit the Aubjects label web site at: https://aubjects.wordpress.com

Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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