Robert Calvert Discography

This discography is intended to be representative and not exhaustive - no account is taken of the many different releases, singles also available on albums or compilation appearances. Hawkwind's long history of different record labels and unauthorised releases makes them particularly difficult to keep track of.

For an excellent and comprehensive account of all this, I would strongly recommend "Hawkwind Solo and Related - Worldwide Discography" available from Adrian Parr, 6 Conifers Close, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9JG, UK.

As a solo artist:

Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters - United Artists 1974
Franz Joseph Strauss, The Aerospaceage Inferno, Aircraft Salesman, The Widow Maker, Two Test Pilots, The Right Stuff, Board Meeting, The Song of the Gremlin Part 1, Ground Crew, Hero With One Wing, Ground Control To Pilot, Ejection, I Resign, The Song Of The Gremlin, Bier Garten, Catch A Falling Starfighter

Friends And Relations III - Flicknife 1985
(A Hawkwind and offshoot bands compilation) includes a recording of The Widow Song (1984). The lyrics to this song appear on the Captain Lockheed sleeve, but the track was left off the record. This version is performed by Calvert's third wife Jill.

Lucky Leif and the Longships - United Artists 1975
Ship Of Fools, The Lay Of The Surfers, Voyaging To Vinland, The Making Of Midgard, Brave New World, Magical Potion, Moonshine In The Mountains, Storm Chant Of The Skraelings, Volstead Vodeo Do, Phase Locked Loop, Ragna Rock

Cricket Star (single) - Wake Up Records 1979
by Robert Calvert and the 1st XI'

Hype - A Side 1980
Over My Head, Ambitious, It's The Same, Hanging Out On The Sea Front, Sensitive, Evil Rock, We Like To Be Frightened, The Ballad Of Deano, Flight 105, The Luminous Green Glow Of The Dials On The Dashboard At Night, Greenfly And The Rose, Lord Of The Hornets

The Kid From Silicon Gulch - written with Pete Pavli (unreleased 1981 musical soundtrack)
The Kid From Silicon Gulch, Silicon Trinic Blues, Why Can't The World Be Run By Machines?, A Day Called X, On The Case, How Can You Call Me A Pig?, Stay Cool, Hang Loose, Back It Up, The Legend Of Ned Ludd

Freq - Flicknife 1985
Ned Ludd, Acid Rain, All The Machines Are Quiet, Standing On The Picket Line, The Cool Courage Of Bomb Squad Officers, Work Song

Test Tube Conceived - Demi Monde 1986
In Vitro Breed, The Rah Rah Man, Telekinesis, I Hear Voices, Fanfare For The Perfect Race, On Line, Save Them From The Scientists, Fly On The Wall, Thanks To The Scientists, Test Tube Conceived

Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall - Beat Goes On 1993
Evil Rock, Catch A Falling Starfighter, Gremlins, Aerospaceage Inferno, Test Tube Conceived, Working Down A Diamond Mine, All The Machines Are Quiet, Work Song, Telekinesis, Acid Rain, Lord Of The Hornets
Recorded 1st October 1986 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Blueprints From The Cellar
All The Machines Are Quiet, Work Song, Subterraneans, Soweto, Radio Egypt, Over The Moon, Hidden Persuasion, Re-Wind, Working Down A Diamond Mine, Thanks To The Scientists, I Hear Voices, Acid Rain, Fly On The Wall, Standing On The Picket Line, The Rah Rah Man, Ned Ludd, Marathon Man (The original tape release The Cellar Tapes, has two extra songs: Cats/Your Purple Lid)
Recorded during 1985 and 1986 at home in Margate

Centigrade 232 (Cassette) - Harbour Publications 1986
Calvert reading extracts from his book of poetry of the same name.

Robert Calvert Reads The Earth Ritual (Cassette) - Harbour Publications 1988
Calvert reading extracts from his book of poetry of the same name. Often listed in Calvert discographies, but there is no evidence that this actually exists; it may just be another of the things left unfinished at his death.

With Hawkwind:

No attempt is made to document the variety of covers, releases, and labels. This discography is an attempt to cover the significant recordings featuring Calvert's work. Songs with Calvert lyrics are in italics.

Greasy Truckers Party - United Artists 1972
Compilation featuring Master Of The Universe and Born To Go recorded 13th February 1972 at the Roundhouse, London

Silver Machine/Seven By Seven (single) - United Artists 1972
Recorded 13th February 1972 at the Roundhouse, overdubbed at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales

Glastonbury Fayre - United Artists 1973
Compilation featuring Silver Machine, Welcome To The Future

Space Ritual Alive - United Artists 1973
Earth Calling, Born To Go, Down Through The Night, The Awakening, Lord Of Light, The Black Corridor, Space Is Deep, Electronic No. 1, Orgone Accumulator, Upside Down, Ten Seconds Of Forever, Brainstorm, Seven By Seven, Sonic Attack, Time We Left This World Today, Master Of The Universe, Welcome To The Future
Recorded 22nd December 1972 at Liverpool Stadium and 30th December at Brixton Sundown, London

Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin - Demi Monde 1985
Gaga, In The Egg, Orgone Accumulator, Wage War, Urban Guerilla, Master Of The Universe, Welcome To The Future, Sonic Attack, Silver Machine
Recorded 27th May 1973 at Wembley Empire Pool, London
(The writing credits listed on the sleeve are clearly incorrect. So I have made assumptions.)

Urban Guerilla/Brainbox Pollution (single) - United Artists 1973
Recorded June 1973 at Olympic Studios, London

Astounding Sounds Amazing Music - Charisma 1976
Reefer Madness, Steppenwolf, City Of Lagoons, The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon, Kerb Crawler, Kadu Flyer, Chronoglide Skyway
Recorded February/March 1976 at the Roundhouse Studios, London

Back On The Streets/Dream Of Isis (single) - Charisma February 1976

Quark, Strangeness and Charm - Charisma 1977
Spirit Of The Age, Damnation Alley, Fable Of A Failed Race, Quark, Strangeness and Charm, Hassan I Sahba, The Forge Of Vulcan, Days Of The Underground, The Iron Dream
Recorded February/March 1977 at Rockfield Studios, Wales

Sonic Assassins EP - Flicknife 1981
Over The Top, Free Fall, Death Trap
Recorded 23rd December 1977 at Barnstaple Queens Hall, Devon

25 Years On - Charisma 1978
Psi Power, Free Fall, Automoton, 25 Years, Flying Doctor, The Only Ones, Only The Dead Dreams Of A Cold War Kid, The Age Of The Micro Man
Recorded June to August 1978 at Langley Farm, Devon

Hawklords Live - Dojo 1992
Automoton, 25 Years, High Rise, Death Trap, Spirit Of The Age, Sonic Attack
Recorded 24th November 1978 at Uxbridge Brunel University, London

PXR5 - Charisma 1979
Death Trap, Jack Of Shadows, Uncle Sams On Mars, Infinity, LifeForm, Robot, High Rise, PXR5.
Recorded January 1978 at Rockfield Studios; October 1977 at Hammersmith Odeon, London; June 1978 at Week Park Farm, Devon; September 1977 at Leicester, UK; January 1978 at Rockfield Studios

Hawkwind releases featuring Calvert material (but not Robert himself):

Earthed To The Ground - Flicknife 1984
(Actually a Dave Brock solo album - but that would have meant a new title!) Includes the tracks On The Case, Green Finned Demon - neither of these are credited to Calvert on the sleeve, but Green Finned Demon is certainly one of his lyrics, while On The Case is strikingly similar, though not identical, to the song of the same name in the Silicon Gulch musical.

Choose Your Masques - RCA 1982
Includes the track Fahrenheit 451 (lyrics by Calvert)

The Earth Ritual Preview EP - Flicknife 1983
Includes the track Green Finned Demon (lyrics by Calvert)
Different version to the one on the Dave Brock solo album (above)

The Solstice Remixes EP - 4 Real 1993
Trance remixes by Astralasia of the track Spirit Of The Age; features Calvert's vocals and also samples his vocals.

The Weird Tapes

a set of tapes produced by Dave Brock in order to propagate live versions, solo material and other outtakes, without the need for a record label. Extensively released (often without permission) in many forms.

Weird 101
Side One features tracks from the Sonic Assassins gig 23rd December 1977 Side Two - Dave Brock solo tracks

Weird 102
Side One - Quark, Strangeness and Charm, Master Of The Universe, Welcome To The Future, Spirit Of The Age, Sonic Attack (Hawkwind live 23/6/1977 at Stonehenge and 12/3/78 at Chicago Riverside Theatre)
Side Two - non-Calvert Hawkwind tracks

Weird 103
Live 23/6/77 at Stonehenge
High Rise, Damnation Alley, Uncle Sam, Robot
also non-Calvert Hawkwind tracks

Weird 104
Hawklords live 23/11/78 at Plymouth Polytechnic, Devon
Death Trap, Micro Man, Spirit Of The Age, Urban Guerilla, Steppenwolf, Free Fall, Uncle Sam

Weird 105
5/10/76 and 1977 Hammersmith Odeon, London
Back On The Streets, City Of Lagoons, Brainstorm, Wind Of Change, Assassins Of Allah, Forge Of Vulcan, Steppenwolf, Also "Where Are They Now?" a December 1977 studio track.

Weird 106
Roundhouse 13th February 1972
Born To Go, Master Of The Universe, Jam
Also non-Calvert Hawkwind material.

Weird 107
Dave Brock solo material
Includes Calvert's lyrics to "First Landing On Medusa"

Weird 108
Non-Calvert Hawkwind material

Calvert pieces performed with or by Hawkwind in concert but no available on any releases:

Technicians of Spaceship Earth - late 1971
Starfarer's Despatch (prior to being performed as Spirit Of The Age) - late 1971
Ode To A Time Flower - Glasgow 1973 (amongst others)
Ode To A Crystal Set - Reading Festival 1975
Time For Sale (unreleased song) - October 1976 UK tour

Thanks to Bernhard Pospiech for his extensive chronicling of Hawkwind live for this list

Appearances with groups other than Hawkwind:

with Adrian Wagner:
Distances Between Us - 1974

Calvert appears singing on a pre-Hawkwind version of Steppenwolf and with a poem called Messengers Of Morpheus.
In 1990, Wagner re-released this album on CD and included another track featuring Calvert's lyrics and vocals "Stranger In A Strange Land".

with Nektar:
Down To Earth - 1974
Calvert appears briefly in between tracks as "Ringmaster"

with the Imperial Pompadours (Nik Turner and Inner City Unit):
Ersatz - 1982
'Insolence Across The Nation'
A collection of songs dealing with Hitler and the Third Reich

with Amon Düül:
Die Lösung - 1989
A collaboration between Calvert and Amon Düül's John Weinzierl curtailed by Calvert's death and later released without permission. Calvert supplied all the lyrics and vocals.
Big Wheel, Urban Indian, Adrenalin Rush, Visions Of Fire, Drawn To The Flame (Part I), They Call It Home, Die Lösung, Drawn To The Flame (Part II)

with Peter Pavli:
Revenge - 1992 cassette-only release
Revenge, Bugatti, Fascism - Futurism, Isadora

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