Contents Of C232 and The Earth Ritual

Contents of C232 in book form
showing how Calvert himself grouped the poems, and the section headings he used.

The First Landing on Medusa
Ode To A Crystal Set
The First Landing On Medusa
Ode To A Time Flower
Some Sketches Of A Hand
The Starfarer's Despatch
Song Of The Gremlin
The Pause
The Clone's Poem
Centigrade 232
Fahrenheit 451
The Naked And Transparent Man Gives Thanks

Buster Keaton And The Virgin Sperm Dancer
Dance Steps
Lines For A Conception Card
Lady With A Looking Glass
The Siren
Buster Keaton And The Virgin Sperm Dancer
Your Time
A Refusal To Mourn The Removal, By Surgery, Of Two Benign Tumours
Circle Line
An Unposted Letter

The Urban Mountaineer
The Clerk
Cleaning A Rapidograph
A Letter Of Complaint To The Council
Fly On The Screen
The Recovery
Nail Biter
Mountaineering In Suburbia
The Last Kitten
The Day We Hunted Birdsong
Fountains In The Park

Ragworm In A Rock Pool
Ragworm In A Rock Pool
Seagulls (1)
Seagulls (2)
Recollections Of A Seaside Love Affair
The Drowned Man

The Red Baron Regrets
Churchill's Secret Rock Deal
The Red Baron Regrets
John Keats At Margate
Voodoo Child (In Memory Of Jimi Hendrix)
The Legend Of Ezra Pound

Contents of The Earth Ritual in book form
Frog God
Cherry Picking
Wood Lice
Squirrel In A Graveyard
Pylons Revisited
Crane Fly
The Earth Ritual
White Dynasty
The Urban Sheepdog
Pigeons On A Clifftop
Deck Chairs
The End Of The Pier Show
Holy Joe
Life Boat Signals
High Seas

Note: Both these books are, sadly, long out of print. However, the text of the poems they contain can be found on the "Spirit Of The Page" Website (for URL see Bibliography).

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