Corrections and Clarifications

The following are corrections/clarifications brought to Steve Sneyd's attention since the book has been published:

The 1984 Brighton SF con at which the Sonic Assassins played was not a Worldcon - that was the 1987 Brighton Con at which Hawkwind themselves played a set themed around Moorcock's Elric character.
(Source of correction - John Peters)

After "Cricket Star" in the Discography should appear "Lord Of The Hornets" b/w "The Greenfly And The Rose" (single, Flicknife, 1980). Both tracks credit Calvert with words and vocals.
(Source of correction - Chris Reed)

"In The Egg" is a poem by GŁnter Grass, translated by Michael Hamburger (German text in "Gleisdreick", Hermann Luchterhand Verlag GunBH, 1960), the translation published in Grass "Selected Poems", Seckerd Warburg, 1966, and reprinted in two SF anthologies edited by Judith Merrill ("SF 12", 1968, USA, and "The Best Of Sci-Fi 12", Mayflower 1970)
(Source of this additional information - Mark Plummer)

At least one Calvert poem did appear in Frendz, but within a prose piece by him. 12 lines, rhymed, ending "But when the concert is ended / with the last round of applause / Silence begins to doze again / you can hear its ragged shores", it appears in "The Last Of The Listening Ears", Frendz #28, May 1972. (Reprinted, with 5 other Calvert prose vignettes from the magazine, by Zephyr Hawkfrendz, 2001 - £1 from Trevor Hughes, POB 6, Liscard, Wallasey L45 4SJ, England)

Re: Steve Sneyd's Gnawing Medusa's Flesh chapter - Regarding the appearance in Science Fiction Monthly suggested by Brian Tawn, from a secondary source, Andrew Darlington has since gained access to a full run of that publication, and no poem under Robert Calvert's name appears there.

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