Highway Child and Mark- The Rock, København 3/9/07

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

I met up with Peter (Detest) and Jens (Lowcut) at my place and we heard some music for 1½ hrs and had a few beers before headed out to the ROCK. Quite a long cue at the door and it took 20 minutes or so to get inside. They are so fucking slow. Not many people inside and we are all the oldest by years! Anyway, around 10:45 this young band, called Mark, started to play. A trio with a very good drummer and singer but they played not very interesting early 90’s indie rock meets grunge. They looked like they were having fun and some of the audience seem to enjoy them but it did nothing for me or any of us. We wanted some rock and roll..

A few minutes after 12, Highway Child hit the stage and this was bluesy rock and roll and they had the place jumping straight away as they kicked into Red, White and Blue. The band really rocked out for the first many songs and was in a great and jamming mood as well. It is great to see the young people responsive into a great band like this rather than most of the crap that is out there today (including the whole Volbeat record, which was had to suffer through…they are completely unoriginal 100%, sounding so much like Metallica..give me a break..) Anyway, The band played a new song (Then I’m gonna leave You) before they had their soundman come out and play guest keyboard on the cool ballad like song, Branded a Fool, in which, the singer also played Acoustic guitar. The ended the show but the guitar player came out after like 2 minutes and played a short solo piece on the organ before being joined by the others. They played a really great encore with Spaciator and Highway Child, really jamming it out. Great show! I can’t wait to hear their full length CD..

Setlist: Red, White and Blue, Lonely Time Blues, Just like You, Take you Down, Change Yourself, Love for Sale, Change my Rock and Roll, Then I’m gonna leave you, Branded a Fool, Sunset, Spaciator, Highway Child.

For more information you can visit the Highway Child web site at: http://www.highwaychild.dk

Review by Scott Heller

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