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Census of Hallucinations - "Imagine John Lennon"

This is effectively an addendum to the trilogy above. Imagine John Lennon came out in November last year, and is a plea to the masses to take on the "lies and deceit" that we are faced with every day, contrasted with and inspired by the Beatle's idealism. That's how it starts anyway, but Tim doesn't take long to lead this thing down his singularly peculiar, surreal and idiosyncratic back alley.

The same band as The Nine are augmented by Terri-B on backing vocals, James Jones narrating his poem Lost In The Lakes, and adding another wash of colour to the already kaleidoscopic sonic palette, Barry Lamb with his saxophone, synth and Mellotron on Part 1.

Musically and vocally intricate, this EP shows that CoH are as sophisticated as any polished prog band, and it is an aural delight to behold. The EP is a conceptual song-cycle, and according to the PR sheet, will be part of a full-length album to be released this year. Me, I can't wait. Census of Hallucinations are far, far more than a band of spacerockers cut from the free festival "crusty" template, and I urge you to give them a try.

(Reviewed by Roger Trenwith - Dutch Progressive Rock Page - (