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Somebody Famous began life as a Tim Jones solo project in the mid 1980s. More than an album’s worth of material was recorded which was later released as an LP through Raindance Records in Edinburgh, Scotland and a 12" single released through Prism Sound in the North Of England. Listeners will also note a few tracks dated from 1980, which pre-date Somebody Famous and were recorded just after Tim's days with Neon (see the Neon link in the Artists Index).

Tim was spotlighted in the 1987 "Famous For Fifteen Minutes" film produced by Geoff Wonfor which was shown twice on national television in the UK just before the popular "Chart Show" on Channel 4. In 1989, the Somebody Famous project became a fully fledged live three piece band. They performed hundreds of gigs in the UK in the four years of their existence (1989 - 1992) and alongside Tim Jones on vocals and guitar, the band featured Steve Sekrit on drums & percussion from the acclaimed UK seventies new wave band Punishment Of Luxury, augmented by, firstly, Chris Oddy on bass (ex Humblebums) and following the departure of Chris in 1990, the talented Irish fretless bass player Friz took over. Somebody Famous released two vinyl singles ("Dancing Feet" on Prism Sound Records & "Love Will Stay" on Raindance Records), a vinyl album "The Gift" (on Raindance Records) and two CDs ("The Ship Of Grandad's Day" on Empress Records & "Prisoners Of The Real World" on Falling A Records).

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