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What days we had
What days we knew
The summer days
When first we grew
The days that seemed
The days we raised
A family
The days we laughed
While others cried
A bairn's first step
The days of pride
The days of hope
And breathless awe
The dark dark days
We marched to war
And through the days
When sorrow grew
We pulled up stakes
To start anew
But from that root
To forest high
Days ran to years
And years passed by
In dreams of days
Far now behind
We taste the air
Give flight the mind
And comrades lost
In time and space
Step to the fore
To take their place
And head in hands
Bemoan the cost
Of priceless days
And chances lost
What of the days
Our eyes held wonder
What of the days
We cast asunder
Those days have gone
Be still my friend
We shall not see
Their like again...

Kevin Heard 2014

In Time

The "Now" is an instant
Untethered in time
A speck without substance
A ghost on a line
A vanishing Present
Sliding into the Past
An ethereal slice
Without body or mass

It slips through our fingers
As we try to hang on
The tighter we grasp it
The faster it's gone
We can't pin it down
Can't measure or hold it
And if it exists we
Don't need to be told it

We live for the Present
Or so it is said
The Past and the Future
Are all in our head
Pure thought spread asunder
Flung away to the stars
A multiverse splintered
Timelines scattered afar

All possible Futures
Exist and have gone
And infinite shadows
Inhabit The One
You are more than you seem
So remember this rhyme :
I was then
I am now
And I shall be
In time...

Kevin Heard 2014

Moonstruck - A Millenium Odyssey 2001 - 4010 AD

They're selling up moon plots
Each one by the acre
Bought one for my sweetheart
But still couldn't take her

You see they neglected
To mention the trip
Is pretty far out
If you don't have a ship...

So I guess we'll just have
To rest here content
And view from afar
Our real estate spent

But one of these days
When I save up the money
I'm goin' up there
And I'm takin my honey

It may take some time
The way NASA is goin'
'Cos Man's exploration
Is definitely slowin'

But in a few years
In millennia to come
Just take a moonwalk
Down to Mare Imbrium

And twenty degrees north
Thirty-two to the west
You may stumble upon
A place of interest

With a breath-taking view
Of the Earth slowly waning
Above the great Euler
Not far from Carpathian

Which Mankind has moulded
His air now to breathe
A moonscape to marvel
As lightly you weave

Through terraformed terraces
Paddy fields by earthlight
Moon-mud clinging to toes
As your senses delight

To the soft solar breeze
Melting through the moon-trees
While Selenite sticklebacks
Swim round your knees

And above you Infinity
Beyond all the stars
Seeking out feeble eyes
Whispers "How small you are..."

Yet never a sound
From the land all around
As a far-away shimmer
Roots your feet to the ground

A remnant lies distant
Shining there far below
A spectre of space-time
Of the Earth long ago

In the midst of the plain
A single rock stands
A native of Luna
But chiselled by Man

Inscription long faded
And weathered with time
But there at the bottom
Is clearly one line

A solitary phrase
There remains from all others
And simply it says :

Kevin Heard 2001 / 2010

The World Turned On It's Head

Fair Summer's breath doth rise anew
And blithely by her charm bestows
Upon the multitude and few
From tangled thorn to bloody rose

And in her gown, all swathed and bound
Such wonder there i'faith restored
My mind to thee, without a sound
Doth wander of it's own accord

To gather wherein thy arms enfold
And thus adorn'd in sacred trust
Cocoon'd from weary Winter's cold
All care to crumble into dust

'Sooth were the world turned on it's head
The fairest foul, as seemed to be
'Twere beauty lost, and thy love fled
All that I am, I'd give to thee...

Kevin Heard 2013

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