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Neon - "Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere: The Complete Collection" (Stone Premonitions 2015, SPCD085)

This mp3 collection includes the complete recorded output of Neon from 1976-1979 plus bonus tracks by later related bands performing Neon songs. In the interests of creativity and a different listening experience, the tracks on this CD are sequenced in alphabetical order.

Credits: Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitar; Martin Holder - Guitar; Mark Dunn - Bass & Backing Vocals; Paddi - Drums & Backing Vocals
Wevans - Vital Technician
Paul Taylor - Vital Communications
Engine-Eared by Tim Jones for Stone Premonitions 2015
Photos & Sleeve Design - Kevin Heard
With thanks to John Peel, Phil Sutcliffe, Dick Godfrey, Ian Penman, Martin Rushent, Annie Roseberry, Lenny Love, Nick Ketteringham, Lawrence Phillips & Mick Stephenson.

Neon (2002)

1) Hanging Off An O
2) Don't Eat Bricks
3) Plum Plum Crazy
4) Whizzo
5) Confuse The News
6) Eyeing Up The Diddies
7) Exterminate
8) I'm Only Little
9) Bottles
10) Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
11) Jerusalem

Credits: Tim Jones - vocals, guitar; Mark Dunn - bass, vocals; Paddi - drums, vocals; Martin Holder - guitar; Wevans - deluxe roadie & neighbourhood vole. The songs on this album were originally recorded between 1977 & 1979 at BBC Maida Vale studios in London (tracks 3, 5, & 7) for the John Peel show, the Manor studios in Oxfordshire for Neon's second single on Radar Records produced by Martin Rushent (tracks 1, 2, 4, & 6) and Guardian studios in County Durham for Neon's first single on Sensible Records produced by Lenny Love & Terry Gavaghan (tracks 8, 9, & 10). Jerusalem is a bonus track recorded by Neon and friends at Guardian studios in County Durham and produced by Mark Dunn in 1979.

Neon (Sensible Records 1978)

1) Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
2) Bottles
3) I'm Only Little

Neon (Radar Records 1978)

1) Don't Eat Bricks
2) Hanging Of An O

Neon - "Sign Of The Time" (2005)

1) I'm A Gent
2) Piranha
3) Computer Fair
4) Hunny Bunny
5) Advertising
6) Wuh! Wuh!
7) All I Want's Your Body Yeah
8) Bat Man
9) Nuclear Sun
10) A Grave Situation In The Dead Centre Of Town
11) Lemonade Is A Gas
12) Nutcase
13) LIfe's A D-D-Downer
14) Hello And How Are You?

Credits: Tim Jones - vocals & guitar; Mark Dunn - bass & backing vocals; Paddi - drums & backing vocals/all instruments & vocals on "Advertising". Tracks marked * have Martin Holder on additional guitar. Wevans - deluxe roadie & neighbourhood vole.
All lyrics written by Tim Jones except "Advertising" by Wevans and "Nutcase" by Jones/Dunn.
All music by Paddi, Tim Jones & Mark Dunn except "Advertising" by Paddi.
All tracks performed and recorded live at various locations in the UK during 1977 & 1978.

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