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A fellow named Dave Dyment used the song Hippy Anthem as the soundtrack to a photo gallery he posted on YouTube. But the song is no mere backdrop. Watch the video to see how the lyrics play prominently in the video.

David Hendry made this AMAZING Rabbit's Hat promotional video. Truly stunning. It's in Window Media Player format. David records as OHead and we highly recommend you checking out his music. Visit his web site at:

Download (235 megs)

A video was made of the song "Ignorance Is Bliss" from the Magician CD by William Haley Junior. This is just the first few minutes of the 11 minute song. Note that this was made prior to the creation of this web site so the URL given at the end of the video no longer exists. We've made the video available in RealMedia format for online streaming or download. Unless you have a high speed internet connection we recommend you take the time to download the file. To view the video you must have the RealAudio player available for free from

(5.7 megs)