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Root Deco - "Crystal Pool" (2012)

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1) Tough Night
2) Dead By Morning
3) Good News Today
4) Cool Down
5) Deserted Cities Of The Heart
6) Big Parade
7) What's With You?
8) S.O.S. (Different Day)
9) Doctor
10) Little Black Book
11) Nightlight
12) Someday We're Gonna Love Again

Root Deco is: Paul Johnson, drums/vocals & Larry V., guitars/vocals. Thanks to: Sharon Johnson backing vocals; Danny Keegan bass track 5; and Bob Schlaback bass tracks 10, 11 and 12. "Deserted Cities of the Heart" © Jack Bruce and Peter Constantine Brown. "Someday We're Gonna Love Again" © Sharon McMahan. All the rest © L. Vilchek. Photos: Kenneth Wright/Paul Johnson. Graphic design: Paul Johnson

Root Deco - "A Sip of Champagne World" (2009)

"A Sip of Champagne World" is a 4 song promotional EP from the upcoming "Champagne World" CD from Root Deco

1) S.O.S.
2) Big Parade
3) What's With You?
4) Deserted Cities of the Heart

Root Deco are Paul Johnson on drums, percussion and backup vocals; Larry Vilchek on guitars, bass, vocals and harmonica; Sharon Johnson on vocals; Danny Keegan on bass on Deserted Cities of the Heart

Root Deco - "This Island Earth" (2006)

1) Arise
2) Subway to Paradise
3) Dressed for Success
4) Who Ties Your Shoes for You
5) Big Parade
6) Eyes in the Back of My Head
7) Maybe Someday
8) Stretch
9) Never Coming Down
10) Stone God
11) Little Black Book
12) Hole in the Sand
13) Snow on the Roof
14) Piper
15) We Come in Peace
16) Postcard

Root Deco are Paul Johnson - drums & vocals; Larry Vilchek - guitars, vocals & harmonica; Heidi Gerber - vocals & vocal arrangements on track 16; Robert Schlaback - lead guitar on track 14; bass on tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14 & 16; and lead vocal on tracks 8 & 9
All songs copyright by L. Vilchek. Never Coming Down written by Robert Schlaback
Mastered and compiled by Tim Jones at Gargoyle Studios, Cumbria, UK
This Island Earth is a Pet Hipppy Production 2006