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Tony Morland was an integral part of the Stone Premonitions collective until his untimely death in 2002. He contributed lyrics for both The Rabbit's Hat & Census Of Hallucinations and was a driving force behind the label's activities. Tony is sadly missed by all here and in honour of his memory, we are making his play "The Trojan Staircase" available to be heard online, in its entirety, for the first time. It was originally performed & recorded in 1992. Details are as follows, including Tony's original introduction to the play:

Beale is trapped upon an infinite staircase. He must wear the heads that others see: and change the future/past. Yet who is the future president; and what choice must he make?

They hold the power. Can we ever hope to win against them?

The Trojan Staircase, a play for contemplation (Pet Hippy Productions 2006)

Written by Tony Morland.
Featuring the voices of Tony Morland, Pud (the narrator), Terri~B, Chris Morland, Tim Jones & Steve Sekrit.
Recorded at Stone Premonitions in 1992.
Engine-earing & sound collages by Tony Morland & Tim Jones.
Re-mastered for Pet Hippy Productions by Tim, May/June 2006. Graphics by Terri-B.
This CD is dedicated to the memory of our beloved friend Tony Morland.

Click the links below to either stream or download an mp3 of The Trojan Staircase

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