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Although 2004 is the official 10th anniversary of Stone Premonitions, 2004 is in fact the 30th anniversary of when musical activity actually commenced in earnest. The following is a brief attempt to create a Family Tree for the first time.

1974 - Eyes To The Sky - Middlesbrough, UK:
Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Paddi - Drums, Guitar & Vocals
Dieter Hubbard - Guitars & Vocals
Dominic Griffiths Bass & Vocals

1975 - Paddi leaves Eyes To The Sky to join Scottish heavy rock band Silk ‘n’ Spit:
Brian Appleby - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Colin Crawford - Bass
Paddi - Drums
Justin Robertson - Lead Guitar

Silk 'n' Spit later change name to Dragon. Win Sunday Mail Popscot competition. 1975 - Tim Jones leaves Eyes To The Sky to form Durham based Progressive band Whippet:
Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Mark Dunn - Bass, Keyboards, Flute & Vocals
Irish Don - Guitar
Paul Taylor - Drums

Both Dieter Hubbard & Dominic Griffiths from Eyes To The Sky disappear from the family tree at this point, as do the other members of Silk ‘n’ Spit.

1977 - Paddi returns to Durham after leaving Dragon. Tim Jones & Mark Dunn leave Whippet to form Punk / New Wave band Neon with Paddi. Drummer from Whippet Paul Taylor becomes Neon’s Manager. Eyes To The Sky’s “deluxe roadie and neighbourhood vole” Christopher Wade Evans (nick named Wevans) joins Neon as full time technician

Neon Mark One:
Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Mark Dunn - Bass & Vocals
Paddi - Drums & Vocals

Release one 3 track EP on Scottish label Sensible Records run by Lenny Love. The label also signs The Rezillos.

1978 - Martin Holder joins Neon as second guitarist after leaving Durham based jazz-rock band Dexter.

Neon Mark Two:
Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Martin Holder
Mark Dunn - Bass & Vocals
Paddi - Drums & Vocals

Release one two track single on Radar Records, produced by Martin Rushent who has previously produced The Stranglers & XTC. Martin Rushent later goes on to produce The Human League.

Neon tour the UK extensively and play on bill with such acts as The Pretenders, X Ray Specs, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bill Bruford’s band, The Pirates, Penetration, Punishment Of Luxury, Last Exit (Sting’s band of that time), Steel Pulse, The Roogalators, The Rich Kids (Glenn Matlock & Midge Ure), The Angelic Upstarts, The Rezillos etc.

1979 - Neon breaks up.
Paddi becomes full time sound technician in London. Later becomes permanent member of Pink Floyd stage crew - See for further details. Also works with Bob Dylan, Santana, Peter Gabriel, Simply Red, Dave Lee Roth, Spock’s Beard and many more as technician. Wevans also becomes full time technician in London. Eventually joins Rolling Stones as full time on stage sound technician where he remains to this day.

Both Paul Taylor & Irish Don disappear from the family tree at this point.

Mark Dunn moves to London and joins The Poison Girls.

Martin Holder also moves to London and joins legendary jazz drummer Jon Stevens in his band called Jon Stevens’ Away. Releases two vinyl albums with Jon Stevens and performs many sessions for the BBC. Martin later becomes full time member of Jah Wobble’s live band. Does lots of sessions and eventually teams up with Mark Dunn to form pop band called Who Said Charge.
Who Said Charge release novelty 7 inch single of Rolf Harris’ Sun-A-Rise Hit.

Martin Holder leaves Who Said Charge and forms successful electric jazz-fusion band called Standards with Keyboard player/ Record Producer Paul Ellis. Paul Ellis has toured extensively as keyboard player with such acts as Hot Chocolate & Billy Ocean and was Musical Director for Alison Moyet’s live band. Paul also worked for Penny Rimbaud’s Crass Records and appeared on Christ, The Album amongst others.

1979 - Tim Jones joins ex Punishment Of Luxury lead singer Brian Bond’s band called Punching Holes with drummer Norman Emerson. Also in the band is rock music writer Sid Smith who later writes successful King Crimson biography.

1980 - Tim Jones leaves Punching Holes and joins Punishment Of Luxury as singer and second guitarist.

Nevilluxury - Vocals & Guitar
Jimmy Giro - Vocals & Bass
Steve Sekrit - Vocals & Drums
Timagenta - Vocals & Guitar
The only time Tim Jones played the old Marquee Club in London, a proud occasion!

1981 - Tim Jones leaves Punishment Of Luxury to pursue solo project called Somebody Famous. In between time, Tim performs a stint as second guitarist in North East Of England New Wave band Treatment Room. Lead singer with Treatment Room is Chris Simpson and bass player is Steve Oliver who later becomes leader of successful UK psychedelic group The Dead Flowers.
(CLICK HERE to read an interview with Chris Simpson of Treatment Room in a 1981 issue of Eccentric Sleeve Notes.)

Tim Jones Teams up with rest of Neon in 1985 as Somebody Famous to produce 6-track mini album on Falling A Records entitled “Prisoners Of The Real World” (re-released in 2004 on Falling A).

In 1986, Tim again teams up with ex Neon members and producer Paul Ellis plus lots of session musicians as Somebody Famous to produce 12 inch vinyl single on Prism Sound called Dancin’ Feet and 12 inch vinyl album entitled The Gift on the Raindance Record label. The Gift album is engineered by Danny Hyde who has worked with THE THE & Nine Inch Nails and Mel Jefferson who had also worked with Paul Ellis for Crass Records. Mel also later works with Bjorn & The Sugar Cubes in Iceland. Mel eventually becomes internationally renowned bookbinder. Somebody Famous are also featured in 15 minute film for national TV station Channel 4 in a series called “Famous For 15 Minutes” broadcast in 1987 and produced by Geoff Wonfor. Geoff has produced videos for The Eurythmics and also worked on popular rock music series The Tube on ITV.

1988 - Tim gets live Somebody Famous band together with Steve Sekrit from Punishment Of Luxury on Drums and bass player Chris Oddy from The Humblebums. The band produce one 7-inch vinyl single for Raindance Records called Love Will Stay.

1989 - Chris Oddy leaves Somebody Famous and is replaced with Irish fretless bass player Friz. This lineup produce CD album The Ship Of Grandad’s Day on Empress Records.

1991 - Somebody Famous band splits. Steve Sekrit becomes founder member of the North East Of England band Shay with female singer/ guitarist Finn Miller. Steve also performs sessions with Tim Jones for Paul Campbell’s solo projects. Paul is guitarist with The Christians. Friz moves to the USA.

1992 - Tim Jones meets female singer Terri~B at popular North East Of England venue The King’s Head. Terri has just left heavy rock band called Vagrant.

1994 - Tim & Terri~B form cooperative musical enterprise called Stone Premonitions. Tim does the engineering of the recordings and Terri does the artwork and graphic design. Tim & Terri form band called The Rabbit’s Hat. The Rabbit’s Hat goes through various lineups over the next 10 years and release 10 CDs.

Rabbit’s Hat Band Members past & Present:
Vocals - Tim Jones & Terri~B
Backing Vocals - Mike Forse
Guitarists - Tim Jones, Martin Holder, Davey Wright
Keyboards - Steve Ellis, Paul Ellis, Terri~B & Yasuko Fukuoka
Sax - Spook
Violin - Terry Connor
Bass Players - Mark Dunn, Baz, Rob Kirtley, Degsy, Dave McLean
Drummers - Norman Emerson, Paddi, Dave Pipkin, Hodge

Throughout the lifetime of Rabbit’s Hat, Tim & Terri also team up with North East lyricist Tony Morland who very sadly died in 2002. Tony was a regular contributor to The Journal Of Civil Liberties in the UK. Tony’s contribution to the Stone Premonitions project cannot be under-estimated as he was a real driving force behind the project.

Rabbit’s Hat Releases:
1996 - In Optic Mansion DMCD 1034 on Demi Monde Records (run by Hawkwind, Amon Duul, Groundhogs bass player Dave Anderson).
1997 - Take Good Care on Stone Premonitions SPCD 001.
1998 - Outsiders on Stone Premonitions SPCD 002.
1998 - Pierce The Dark on Stone Premonitions SPCD 004.
1998 - The Sun Broke Through on Stone Premonitions SPCD 007.
1999 - Flesh & Nail (A Tribute To Nick Drake) on Stone Premonitions SPCD 011 with Steve Ellis on acoustic guitar & vocals.
1999 - Year Of The Rabbit on Stone Premonitions SPCD 013.
2000 - The Magician on Stone Premonitions SPCD 017.
2002 - BBC & Related Acoustic Sessions on Hi-Note Music’s English Garden Record Label HDL 1026
2003 - Lapsit Exillis on Stone Premonitions SPCD 037.

1994 - Tim Jones works with Northern Recording which is a Community based music project in Consett in the North East Of England. He is hired to work with local bands in order to help them produce material. It is here that he meets psychedelic/artrock band Krom Lek. They get on famously and Krom Lek end up producing 5 CDs on the Stone Premonitions label.

Krom Lek Lineup:
Dave Musgrove - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
John Musgrove - Drums
Bazz - Bass
Tonksy - Flute & Vocals
Wiggy - Guitar

Both Tim Jones & Terri~B appear with Krom Lek on their first & third albums along with Steve Ellis from Rabbit’s Hat

Krom Lek Releases On Stone Premonitions:
1999 - Inspirational Floatation Compilation SPCD 016
2000 - Psychedelic Dot Krom SPCD 021
2001 - A Breath Of Fresh Air SPCD 030
2001 - Collective Conscious SPCD 031
2002 - Rariteality SPCD 035

Dave & John Musgrove from Krom Lek eventually start side project in 2003 called When’s The Future which also features Baz & Tonksy. They produce 2 CDs for Stone Premonitions in 2003:
2003 - Now SPCD 038
2003 - Then SPCD 040

Also in 1994, Stone Premonitions put advert for similar thinking bands in North East’s Generator Newsletter and get an answer from Sunderland based Spacerockers Mr Quimby’s Beard. During their stay with Stone Premonitions they release 3 CDs and also secured a deal with Demi Monde Records in North Wales.

Mr Quimby’s Beard Lineup:
Hardy - Keyboards, FX, Vocals
Kidd - Bass
Ray-A - Guitar, Vocals
Gaz - Drums, later replaced by Chris Walton
Dave Thorburn - Guitar, later to be replaced by Jim Walton

Both Tim Jones & Terri~B appear on The Unsolved Mysteries album as lead guitarist and backing vocalist respectively.

Mr Quimby’s Beard Releases:
1994 - Mr Quimby’s Beard (now available through the band’s own label called Freaky Fungi)
1995 - Out There on Demi Monde Records DMCD 1035
2000 - The Unsolved Mysteries Of Mr Quimby’s Beard on Stone Premonitions SPCD 014.

Mr Quimby’s Beard part company with Stone Premonitions to start their own successful label called Freaky Fungi in 2000.

In 1997/98, Terri~B meets up with guitarist Davey Wright from her previous band Vagrant. Davey has been playing with drummer from rock group The Wildhearts. Davey starts new project called Spacehopper with vocalist Weeb from successful Northern English rock group Automatic. They produce one album on Stone Premonitions with Steve Ellis on keyboards called Spacehopper SPCD 006. Davey also guests on lead guitar during same period on Rabbit’s Hat album The Sun Broke Through.

2000 - Tim Jones & Terri~B initiate side project from Rabbit’s Hat called Census Of Hallucinations in order to cover more experimental rock music structures. COH produce 9 CDs on Stone Premonitions.

Census Of Hallucinations Lineup:
Tim Jones - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Terri~B - Vocals, Keyboards, FX
Dave Pipkin - Drums & Keyboards. Dave has played in numerous Northern bands over the years and had records out through lots of different labels. He is also an accomplished sound engineer who has worked closely with Tim Jones in the days of Somebody Famous. Tim Jones also helps with production of Dave’s band called Stan who produce two albums for Get Rhythm Records.
Steve Ellis - Keyboards
Paddi - Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals & Guitars
Dave McLean - Bass
Norman Emerson - Drums
Spook - Sax
The Reverend Rabbit - Narration (The Reverend Rabbit also has a regular column in Modern Dance online magazine at:
Rapoon - Ambient remixing (Rapoon aka Robin Storey was founder member of cult experimental band Soviet France and is accomplished painter. He also later works on remixes for Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree for his Bass Communion project. Rob has lots of CDs out under the name Rapoon (See for further details).
Cousin Silas - experimental sound sculpturing (Cousin Silas aka Dave W. Hughes also runs the excellent Modern Dance A-Z Music Magazine and his own releases as Cousin Silas on Fflint Central Recordings are currently being featured on the John Peel show).

Census Of Hallucinations Releases (all on Stone Premonitions):
2000 - Census Of Hallucinations SPCD 019
2000 - Opus 2 SPCD 023
2001 - The 3rd Eye SPCD 025
2001 - The 4th Dimension SPCD 026
2001 - Seeing Things (The out takes album) SPCD 027
2001 - Census Of Hallucinations 5 SPCD 028
2002 - Sixth Sense SPCD 033
2002 - 7th Heaven SPCD 034
2003 - The 8th Dwarf SPCD 039

Meantime, in 1997, Terri~B & Tim Jones once again team up with the rest of Neon in addition to keyboard player Steve Ellis and his wife, Japanese keyboard player Yasuko Fukuoka to form the musical project called Body Full Of Stars. Yasuko has been one of Japan’s leading jingle creators. Paul and Yasuko meet whilst working for Yamaha’s Research & Development department in London. Many of the sounds found in Yamaha keyboards from the mid 90’s Paul & Yasuko probably programmed.
Body Full Of Stars is really the brainchild of Neon bass player Mark Dunn and he effectively writes the bulk of the songs. Body Full Of Stars also reinvent a few old Neon songs in the process. The band release 2 CD albums on Stone Premonitions.

Body Full Of Stars Lineup:
Mark Dunn - Bass, African Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Jones - Vocals, Guitar
Terri~B - Vocals
Paddi - Drums
Martin Holder - Guitar
Yasuko Fukuoka - Hammond Organ
Paul Ellis - Keyboards

Body Full Of Stars Releases:
1997 - Falling Angels - SPCD 003
1999 - Welcome - SPCD 012

In between all of these projects, Tim & Terri also produce solo CDs involving many of the aforementioned musicians.

Terri~B Releases:
1998 - Wrap Me In Your Skin - SPCD 005
Wrap Me In Your Skin is later re-released in 2002 on Hi-Note Music’s Headline Record label (HDL 509) with different tracks included and different artwork.
2003 - Essential Incense Music Volume One - SPCD 036

Tim Jones Releases:
1999 - 666+1 - SPCD 009
2003 - Somebody Famous - A Chip Off The Old Block - SPCD 041

1999 - Stone Premonitions release CD by legendary German alternative music DJ Lord Litter called Stone Premonitions Presents Lord Litter SPCD 008

2000 - Stone Premonitions release Paul Rose album Slide Away SPCD 010. Paul has previously won Guitarist Of The Year Award in Guitarist Magazine twice and won national competition judged by Rory Gallagher who gives Paul strat as prize. Paul is later managed by Rory’s brother who runs Capo Records. Paul now has successful solo career.

2000 - Stone Premonitions also release Mike Forse’s solo album entitled Running which appeared on the Stone Premonitions label for a while as SPCD 024 (New Zealander Mike Forse appeared as backing vocalist on The Rabbit’s Hat In Optic Mansion CD). Also appearing on the album are Terri~B on vocals and drummers Steve Sekrit and Dave Pipkin.

Alongside all of the above releases, Stone Premonitions artists also appear on numerous CD compilations in various countries and have also release several CD samplers.

In 2000 Stone Premonitions is asked to produce a radio show for Supanova Radio in the UK. It is called Alchemical Radio. After the demise of Supanova, Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations very kindly takes up the programme. It continues to this day. Jerry Kranitz also runs the official Stone Premonitions website:

Tim & Terri work as researchers for The Overflow Radio Show with Garry Lee on Radio Seagull: Terri also produces jingles for the show. Tim & Terri also write regular column called Keys To The Underground for national magazine Get Rhythm. The aim of the articles is to provide outlets for the music of independent/alternative artists.

2004 - Stone Premonitions release the CD album The Moon Orion Project SPCD 042 which features various artists performing versions of Tim & Terri’s songs. The concept was devised by music writer/musician Phil Jackson. This CD marks a celebration of ten years of Stone Premonitions. Phil Jackson has also put together a double CD retrospective to mark the 10th anniversary of Stone Premonitions released in 2004.