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Punk in the North East 1976-1979 Exhibition (December 6, 2006 - January 29, 2007

The Discovery Museum in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne ( put on an important exhibition about the punk explosion and it's effects on the region (the North East Of England) from 1976-1979. The exciting part of this for Stone Premonitions is that NEON was included! NEON was a late 70's band comprised of Tim Jones (Census of Hallucinations, The Rabbit's Hat), along with Martin Holder, Mark Dunn and Paddi Addison. For more details on NEON click the Pet Hippy History link at the top of the page and then select NEON.

Michael McHugh and a volunteer from the museum came through to Stone Premonitions headquarters in November 2006 and did an interview with Tim which appeared on the jukebox they set up where visitors could access both interviews and the music. Tim reports that, "the interview was especially interesting from my point of view as the questions centered on the cultural aspects of the "explosion" and it's social implications. The wonderful thing about it is that after the exhibition, all of the interviews go into the National archives for posterity".

Click the links below to stream online or download an mp3 of the full interview.

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